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About Us

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A-matrix technical product supply, the e-commerce division of Assetmatrix Companies and Etcon Analytical & Environmental Systems & Services Limited services industries in Nigeria in the areas of equipment and parts supply.

We offer products in many categories such as: analytical and environmental equipment, automation & control products, electrical fittings & safety products, electrical testing and measurement Products, field and process instruments, industrial networking solutions, laboratory products and consumables, lubricants and adhesives, pneumatic instruments, reagents and chemicals, rotating equipment, security equipment, tools and fasteners, and many more.

At A-matrix technical product supply, we are committed to supplying you with the highest quality industrial technical products at the lowest price we can. We stock different items in our Lagos facility, and can supply over 1,000,000 parts and consumables to meet your needs. Whether you are located in Nigeria, Africa or anywhere else in the world we can save you time and money. You can utilize our full service web site to get an idea of the extent of what we can supply you, or contact our sales team via phone or email so we may provide personalized service to meet all of your needs.
Highly knowledgeable and motivated employees makes A-Matrix a great option for their day-to-day needs or project requirements. We believe in the power of learning and continually provide training for all of our resources. Our stable, reliable and dynamic workforce is an outstanding group of people to work with.


A-matrix technical product supply is committed to providing quality products at competitive prices and most importantly to provide a level of service that inspires confidence in our customers that their needs are being met.  Whether government, industrial, automotive or the general public, our knowledgeable sales representatives will provide the products to suit our customers schedule and provide the over all best value.


We understand that customers are more than an account number – they are people first and customers second. That’s why A-matrix technical product supply offers a wide range of products to satisfy every need. Our sales offices provide personal expertise from a dedicated account manager who knows and understands local industries and local needs. Our website, a-matrix.com, offers multiple products, and is a powerful tool for any purchaser, especially as it now provides complete tax and delivery date information at the time of order. As well, customers enjoy our advanced search functions and innovative Visual Product Finders when searching for solutions for everything from prototyping to maintenance and more. For those who prefer to use both a print and an electronic source, we distribute catalogs at no cost to its customers.


With multiple parts online and more than many products featured in the our catalog, purchasers look to us for a broad range of products. A-matrix technical product supply strong supplier relationships, and status as an authorized distributor for all their suppliers, are a key strength in maintaining high standards of product quality and availability. The breadth of product offering means that we are able to satisfy the needs of customers from all areas of industry and commerce.


Welcome to the A-matrix technical product supply supplier registration site. If you are a product manufacturer interested in distribution, or you are a provider of goods and services we can use to run our business, we thank you for your interest.

Your completed profile will become part of our supplier database. We use the supplier database when conducting line reviews for products as well as when sourcing goods and services to run our company. Completion of the registration process will not guarantee business from us; but it makes your profile available to product and procurement managers. These managers review profiles as they are received to determine if there is an opportunity for your company.

Thank you for registering in our supplier database. We will contact you when we have an opportunity that matches your capabilities.

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