1209 Nessleriser Upgrade kit



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1209 Nessleriser Upgrade kit

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1209 Nessleriser Upgrade kit


For colour grading of clear, light yellow liquids such as clear oils, chemicals, petrochemicals and water. In particular, the Nessleriser 1209 is designed for companies wishing to comply with ASTM D 1209, which specifies a Nessleriser system for colour comparison using 100 ml tubes, with the 100 ml graduation mark 275 to 295 mm above the bottom of the tube. Each system covers a set measuring range and includes.
Each system covers a set measuring range and includes:

A visual comparator instrument with a long path length, ensuring good sensitivity and accuracy when grading pale coloured samples

  • A selection of Pt-Co/APHA colour standards – stable-coloured glass filters in test discs, which have been pre-calibrated to give direct Pt-Co Colour readings over set measuring ranges
  • A standardised bench top light source to ensure constant and uniform lighting conditions for colour matching and, therefore, consistent and accurate readings
  • Nessler cylinders of the appropriate path length
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