Add Refrigeration Bath / Thermostat Circulator JH-10C

Add Refrigeration Bath / Thermostat Circulator JH-10C




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Add Refrigeration Bath / Thermostat Circulator JH-10C

The JH series of Refrigeration constant temperature water bath instrument is a high-precision and multi-functional product based on micro-controller technology combined with PID control. It can be used for constant temperature experiments in the water tank in the machine, or connected to other equipment through a hose, as a constant temperature source. The JH series is mainly used for high and low temperature experiments. The machine comes with a refrigeration compressor and a circulating pump. It is an integrated refrigeration and heating product, also known as a constant temperature water bath.

Refrigeration constant temperature water bath instrument  Introduction

The appearance is simple and compact, and the operation is convenient. It can be operated as a stand-alone machine, and low-temperature experiments can be carried out in the tank (no tap water cooling is required). Or external closed circuit, can be used with rotary evaporator, electrophoresis instrument, viscometer, molecular pump, medical cold cap, cooling blanket; or used for circulating water cooling for other equipment, such as electron microscope, ion pump, diffusion pump, microwave Therapeutic machine etc.

Refrigeration constant temperature water bath instrument Features

Choose a fully enclosed refrigerator, which has good cooling effect and reliable work;

Can be used as a low-temperature bath with uniform temperature;

It can provide a constant temperature source for the external circulation, and the operation is simple;

Special stainless steel liquid centrifugal circulating pump with good working performance;

The specially designed stainless steel inner tank is clean and hygienic, compact and beautiful;

Temperature setting and temperature measurement are all digital instructions;

Small size, light weight, ultra-low noise.

Fields of use Product

Refrigeration constant temperature water bath instrument is widely used in drying, concentration, distillation, impregnated chemical reagents, impregnated drugs and biological agents, can also be used for water bath constant temperature heating and other temperature tests, is biology, genetics, virus, aquatic products, environmental protection, medicine, health, biochemical laboratory, analysis room education and scientific research necessary tools.

Product Qualification

Jiahang Product has obtained CE certification, TART certification, ISO quality management system certification, more than 10 software copyrights and multiple patents to ensure that each instrument has stable performance and excellent quality.


Instrument name and model: Low temperature circulating water bath JH-10C
temperature range: -10~95℃
Temperature control accuracy: ±0.1℃
Cooling capacity: 200W
heating power: 600W
Water tank volume: 5L
Maximum pressure of circulating pump: 0.25bar
Maximum flow of circulating pump: 5~10L/min
Operation port size W×D (mm): 145×150
Internal dimensions of the sink (mm) 150W×300D×150H
Depth of liquid tank (mm): 150
Instrument weight: 26kg
Dimensions (mm): 215W×405D×550H
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