AeraSeal Sealing Films



MODEL NO: 61-0051

SKU: EA-213-60


AeraSeal Sealing Films

AeraSeal Sealing Films

AeraSeal sealing films minimize cross-contamination, spillage and evaporation.


● 140 μm thick hydrophobic porous rayon
● Medical-grade adhesive
● Recommended for temperatures from -20 °C to +80 °C
● Dimensions: 82.6 by 142.9 mm
● Used for cell and tissue Culture

● Non-cytotoxic, highly gas permeable
● Easily pierceable with pipet tips or pipets for sample recovery

Ordering Information
Cat # Description Quantity
61-0050 AeraSeal Sealing Films, Non-Sterile 100
61-0051 AeraSeal Sealing Films, Sterile 50
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