Automatic Distillation Unit – PAMv2

Automatic Distillation Unit – PAMv2


Automatic Distillation Unit – PAMv2

Manufacturer: ORBIS BV

Product code: EA-5099-1

Powerful performance, intuitive ease of use, high quality hardware, smart software and latest technology & innovations come together in our

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Its modern ease of use, the reliable high quality hard-& software components and especially its outstanding automatic performance are what makes PAMv2 the unique distillation unit it is in today’s market.


• Extremely precise, reliable and comparable test results

• Fast, easy, fully automatic operation yet with unparalleled customization options

• High end, solid state hardware:

  1. Volume Scan – accurate detection of the bottom of the meniscus
  2. Condenser with Peltier elements: reliable with fast cooling interactions
  3. Low voltage heater with reflection system: 30% more heat & efficiency

• Safety through fire extinguisher with advanced fire and
nitrogen detection

• Multiple language support

One of the innovations is the smart Volume Scan, which scans the entire length of the cylinder simultaneously and continuously. This enables PAMv2 to actually register the bottom of the meniscus and perform powerful and fast interactions on the heating system. Together with the in-depth customization options PAMv2 is capable of running even the most difficult samples successfully within the method specifications.

PAMv2 will increase the repeatability and reliability of your distillation results, even with the most difficult samples!



ASTM D86, D1078, D850.

E123, IP195, IP191, IP123, DIN51751, NFM07-002, EN ISO

3405, JIS K2254, ISO918, BS2000 Parts 123, 191, 195, BS 7392,

10% residue for carbon residue measurement.

Gasoline E10, E15 & E20 samples.

User interface

iPad (protection touch screen & stylus pen included) with Dist-

Pad app software.

Heating system

Low mass low voltage heater with reflector, providing 30% more

heat, durability and energy saving. Automatic In-Heat settings

for perfect distillation right from the start.

Final heat

Automatic & customizable.

Condenser system

Thermo- electric with Peltier elements: fast cooling interactions,

reliable solid state. Temp. range 0 – 65 °C. Resolution 0.1°C.

Volume scan system

Smart CCD camera measuring bottom of meniscus. Receiving

chamber equipped with thermo- electric Peltier elements:

fast cooling interactions, reliable solid state.

Temp. range: 0 – 45 °C. Resolution 0.1 °C.

Resolution: 0.01 ml

Accuracy: 0.01 ml

Charge volume: 0- 103%

Residue determination

Automatic or manual measurement.

Vapour Temperature Measurement


0 – 450 °C on ASTM or 0 – 500 °C Absolute. PT-100 class

A probe, automatic probe ID detection, calibration certificate

standard supplied. Dynamically accurate correction of electronic

thermometer results to Mercury in-glass thermometer results.

(instead of the common used static-formula correction).

Ambient pressure

Automatic system calibration against built-in pressure sensor.

80 to 110kPa (0,1 kPa resolution).


Advanced fire detection with fire extinguisher and nitrogen

detection (nitrogen required in lab).

System health

Automatic fast system health check before every distillation run

ensuring all components are in excellent state.


1 x ethernet and WiFi, used for connection to LIMS, optional

Zebra printer, connection between multiple PAMV2 units,

A4 lab printer, email, PC, FTP server and iPad.

Dimensions & Weight

Dimensions: 40cm x 40cm x 65cm (WxDxH). Weight: 40 kg.


Optional Zebra printer


100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz



Operating requirements

Environment temperature 10 °C – 35 °C.

Environment humidity up to 80 % at 35 °C.

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