Automatic Intelligent Microwave Digastion Instrument – Digipol-MWD50

Automatic Intelligent Microwave Digastion Instrument – Digipol-MWD50



CAT NO: Digipol-MWD50

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Automatic Intelligent Microwave Digastion Instrument – Digipol-MWD50

Intelligent automatic microwave digestion instrument is a practical microwave chemical reaction equipment, Microwave digestion technology uses the penetration and activation capacity of microwave to heat the reagents and samples in the closed container.

Product  Introduction

Intelligent automatic microwave digestion instrument can increase the pressure in the sample preparation container and the reaction temperature, thus greatly improving the reaction rate and shortening the time of sample preparation.

 Intelligent automatic microwave digestion instrument Feature And Application

1. Digipol-MWD60 intelligent microwave digestion instrument adopts the safe and sealed patent design to eliminate the element loss and leakage caused by exhaust, and ensure the accuracy and reliability of the analysis results of AA, ICP, ICP-MS and other elements;

2. Professional electromagnetic protection design, the only high-end microwave leakage protection standards;

3. Using ergonomic appearance design, with large color touch screen, free touch color graphical interface, high-end experience of real-time imaging technology, fully reflects the convenience and comfort of modern laboratory; Beyond intelligent microwave digestion instrument using the world’s first technology, improve the microwave digestion instrument reaction parallelism;

4. The design standard of industrial microwave oven cavity is adopted, and the inner cavity is sprayed with multi-layer PFA(modified polytetrafluoroethylene) to prevent the long-term corrosion of strong acid.

Fields of use Product

Intelligent automatic microwave digestion instrument widely used in heavy metal detection, organic pollutants extraction, material synthesis and other fields.

Product Qualification

Jiahang Product has obtained CE certification, TART certification, ISO quality management system certification, more than 10 software copyrights and multiple patents to ensure that each instrument has stable performance and excellent quality.


Power supply 220-240 VAC  50/60Hz   15A
Microwave source 2450MHz, Dual magnetron high-energy microwave field emission
Whole machine installation power 3200W
Maximum microwave output power 2200W, Microwave non-pulse continuous automatic frequency conversion control
Display screen Large 7-inch touch LCD display
Software system ARM chip equipped with ZGI operating system
Microwave cavity 65L large volume 316L stainless steel cavity, internal and external multi-layer corrosion-resistant PFA Teflon coating
Temperature control system Real-time detection, control and display of temperatures and curves in all reaction tanks
Safety explosion-proof door design Eight-layer steel structure self-ejection explosion-proof buffer design (AUT-relief structure), electronic and mechanical double safety protection
Pressure control system The pressure control system G-pressure monitors the pressure of all reaction tanks in real time, automatically adjusts overpressure/stops microwave emission and automatically alarms, range: 0-2000psig
Pressure measurement system Piezoelectric pressure sensor, control pressure range: 0-20M Pa (2500 psi), display accuracy ±0.1M Pa
Temperature measurement system High-precision optical fiber temperature sensor, temperature measurement range: -50-320°C, control accuracy ±0.1°C, display accuracy ±1°C
Video surveillance system The internal camera can monitor the operation of the digestion tank in the furnace cavity in real time
Full tank temperature monitoring system ZG infrared temperature full tank detection, temperature measurement range: 0-320℃, control accuracy ±0.1℃
Full tank pressure passive protection system Adopt top safety relief device (security) design, overpressure quantitative and directional automatic pressure relief
External network interface (optional) USB , RS-232
Sample reaction tank outer tank Aerospace composite fiber material explosion-proof outer tank
Furnace exhaust system High-power corrosion-resistant axial flow fan, turbulent high-efficiency air cooling, only 15 minutes from 200°C to 60°C
Working environment temperature/humidity 0-40℃/ 15-80% RH
The physical size of the whole machine 580*680*720mm , 65kg
Reaction tank name 14tank  , high pressure tank
Reaction tank model ZG14
Batch volume 14
Magnetic stirring YES
Inner tank material TFM
Explosion-proof outer tank material G-Fiber
Dissolve the rotor frame structure High-strength alloy turntable integrated frame
Reaction tank volume 100ml
Maximum design pressure 20M Pa
Maximum design temperature 310℃
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