Automatic Melting Point Meter DigiPol-JHY80

Automatic Melting Point Meter DigiPol-JHY80



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Automatic Melting Point Meter DigiPol-JHY80

The JHY80 Melting Point Detector can quickly and accurately determine the melting point of various greases. Three samples can be measured at the same time. Through the digital optical sensor, the entire experimental process is digitized and transmitted to the computer. The intelligent software can automatically determine the melting point of the fat, eliminate the subjective error of artificially judging the melting point, and reduce the labor intensity of the experimenter. The instrument comes with a heating system to ensure a stable heating rate. The platinum temperature sensor has fast response speed and high accuracy, which has incomparable advantages over the traditional method of using mercury thermometer.

Melting Point Detector Introduction

Innovation points to improve efficiency:

1: One-key automatic detection function, effectively avoiding human error;

2: PID precise temperature control;

3: The experiment process can be recorded and replayed without missing every detail;

4: Fully comply with the national standard and ISO method for determining the melting point of fats and oils.

Melting Point Detector Feature

Comply with SNT0801.5-2015, GB/T24892-2010, SNT 0801.5-1999, GBT127662008 standards.

Fields of use

Melting Point Detector has an important position in the chemical industry and medical research. It is an essential instrument for the production of food, medicine, spices, dyes and other organic crystal substances.

Melting Point Detector Details

Heating water bath

Adopt platinum temperature sensor, unique water bath heating design, heating rate 0.1-10℃/min. The temperature display range is 0~100℃, the temperature control accuracy is 0.1℃, the response speed is fast, the accuracy is high, and more accurate experimental results can be obtained.

The water bath uses glass tubes to prevent scaling and rust, easy to clean, and extend the life.

After starting, the temperature will be automatically preheated to the initial temperature set by the user.


Model JHY80
Temperature display range 0-400℃
Temperature control range RT-400℃
Temperature resolution 0.1℃
Heating gradient 0.1℃-20℃/ minutes
Cooling rate Wind cooling
Temperature accuracy ±0.2℃




Repeatability Melting point repeatability was±0.1℃at 0.1℃/Min
Detection method Fully automatic (compatible with manual)
Video function Photo and video
Data preservation 600
Storage 16G
Display method TFT high-definition true color screen
Computer interface USB RS232 network port
Capillary can be used OD:1.3mm



(Single and double opening)





(Large capillary)


Processing capacity 3 pcs per batch
Number of user management 10
Video playback YES
User Management YES
Power supply AC 220V 50/60Hz 120W
Instrument size 400*280*330mm
weight 4.1kg
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