Semi Automatic Polarimeter JH-WZZ-2A/2B

Semi Automatic Polarimeter JH-WZZ-2A/2B




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Semi Automatic Polarimeter JH-WZZ-2A/2B

Semi Automatic Polarimeter is an instrument for measuring the optical rotation of a substance. By measuring the optical rotation of the sample, the concentration, purity, sugar content or content of the sample can be determined. It is widely used in industrial production, scientific research and teaching departments such as sugar, pharmacy, drug testing, food, spices, monosodium glutamate, chemical industry, petroleum, etc., for laboratory analysis or process quality control.

Semi Automatic Polarimeter Introduction

Semi Automatic Polarimeter adopts photoelectric detection and automatic servo mechanism control, backlit LCD display, clear and intuitive test data, can save three retest results, and calculate the average value, equipped with RS232 interface, can transmit data to PC.

 Semi Automatic Polarimeter Feature

1: Built-in Parpaste temperature control, improve accuracy and stability;

2: there are rotation/specific curl/concentration/sugar degree and custom mode;

3: LED cold light source instead of the traditional sodium light lamp and halogen tungsten lamp;

4: Compliance with 21CFR Part 1 audit trail, pharmacopoeia and electronic signature;

5: Support network printing, support data statistical retrieval;

6: Multi-level authority management, authority can be freely configured;

7:10 inch touch color screen, user-friendly operation interface;

8: The system comes with automatic calibration system.

9: Comply with GLP GMP certification

Fields of use

1. Automatic polarimeter is widely used in medicine, food, organic chemical industry and other fields.

2. Agriculture: analysis of ingredients such as agricultural antibiotics, agricultural hormones, microbial pesticides and starch content of agricultural products.

3. Medicine: analysis of antibiotics, vitamins, glucose and other drugs, pharmacological study of Chinese herbal medicine.

4. Food: sugar, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce and other production process control and finished product inspection, food sugar content determination.

5. Petroleum: analysis of mineral oil, monitoring of petroleum fermentation process.

6. Fragrance: analysis of essential oils.

7. Health services: analysis of clinical diabetes in hospitals

Product Details

Shanghai Jiahang Semi Automatic Polarimeter has built-in Peltier precise temperature control system, which can meet users’ requirements for testing at constant temperature. The built-in automatic calibration program is optional, and the standard automatic calibration tool can be automatically calibrated from -45 degrees to +45 degrees, which fully meets the user’s demand for controllable measurement accuracy in daily operation. The multi-level authority management of Shanghai Jiahang automatic polarometer can meet the audit tracking.

Model: WZZ-2A/2B

Product name: Semi Automatic Polarimeter

Measuring range: -45°~+45°

Minimum reading value: 0.002°

Accuracy ±(0.01°+measurement value×0.05%)

Repeatability (maximum deviation) ≤0.01 degree

The lowest transmittance of the measurable sample is 10%

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