Automatic Potentiometric Titration JH-T5

Automatic Potentiometric Titration JH-T5




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Automatic Potentiometric Titration JH-T5

Automatic Potentiometric Titrator is a high-precision electrochemical analysis instrument for volumetric analysis using potentiometric titration method. It adopts modular design and consists of volumetric titration device, control device and testing device.


1. Automatic Potentiometric Titrator  Introduction

Automatic Potentiometric Titratorcan carry out acid-base titration, REDOX, precipitation and complexation titration. The instrument has the functions of constant titration, micro titration, end-point setting titration, volume setting titration and mode titration. Users can also build their own special titration methods according to their actual needs.

 Automatic Potentiometric Titrator Feature And Application

1. Automatic sample injection, pipeline cleaning, automatic test;

2. 8 inch color touch screen, easy to operate and display titration curve and measurement results;

3. Support acid-base, REDOX, precipitation, complexation, non-aqueous titration and other titration methods;

4. Imported solenoid valve, PTFE corrosion-resistant burette, high-power magnetic stirring;

5. High precision closed-loop control to ensure accurate titration;

6. High precision burette accurate to 0.003mm;

7. Comply with GLP GMP certification; Support direct data printing

Fields of use Automatic Potentiometric Titrator

Automatic potential titrator belongs to the laboratory general basic equipment, the use is very wide, can be used in food, drug testing, disease control, commodity inspection, water treatment, petroleum, chemical, Marine, electric power, environmental protection, new energy, teaching, scientific research and other related fields.


Model JH-T5


Titration device



Volumetric titration unit

Titration analysis repeatability 0.2%
Allowable error of titration capacity 15ml burette: ±0.025ml; 25ml burette: ±0.035ml
Burette resolution 15ml burette: 1/20000;

25ml burette: 1/10000

Titration volume accuracy 0.0001ml
Drive resolution 1/30000
Electronic unit repeatability error ≤0.2mV


Measuring device

Potentiometric Titration Module Measuring range (-1999.99-1999.99)mV,

(0.000-14.000) pH

Resolution 0.01mV , 0.001pH
Maximum possible error 0.2 mV      0.02pH
Temperature compensation Measuring range (-10.0-100.0)℃
Resolution 0.1℃
Basic error ±0.2℃
Number used for titration 2 pcs (15mL / 25mL )
Titration cup capacity 100mL
Isometric titration YES
Integrated burette YES
Used to stir samples YES
pH correction YES
Set end mode YES
mv / pH measuring electrode interface YES
Reference electrode interface YES
PT1000 temperature electrode interface YES
Host USB interface YES
Stirrer interface YES
Output Interface Printer
Screen display 8 inch TFT touch color screen
Power supply 110-240V, 50/60 Hz
Weight 7.6kg
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