Benchtop 16 vials reactor

Benchtop 16 vials reactor


MANUFACTURER: Zhejiang Lohand


SKU: EA-11104-202


Benchtop COD Reactor

Benchtop 16 vials reactor

Cod digester working XC-200 adopts the method of sealing reflux, no condensation water condensation. Graphite heaters, operating faster, heating to 165 degrees Celsius takes only 9 minutes.It uses solid state relays, longer life, longer durability, longer lasting, and ensures long and stable work of the instrument.


his reactor is adopts digestion method of sealed micro-reflux,and it widely used in the fields of electroplating,sewage plant,coal carbonization,paper making,petrochemical,pelage,process hides,pharmacy,food processing,etc.

This instrument has below features:

◆Two temperature control regions.Not only can use one region at a time,but also can use two regions at same time.Up to 16 samples

◆Dual operation,touch-screen and buttons can be operated separately,also can switch them at anytime.

◆Easy to use,the temperature of digestion can be setting between 45-180℃ freely,and there have temperature alarm device.

◆Simple operation,the time of digestion can be setting between 0-120mins freely,and there have warning tone when digestion finished.

◆Safety.The test tube are protected by transparent shield.



Item No. LH-TX6
Temperature Range 45-180℃
Accuracy ±0.1°C (@ 25°C)
Environment Temperature 0-60℃
Capacity 16 vials
Power Supply: DC 24V/12.5A
Dimension 359x195x167mm
Weight 4KG
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