Cell Culture Slides



MODEL NO: 07-2104

SKU: EA-251-20


Cell Culture Slides

Cell Culture Slides

Cell Culture Slide, 4 wells, PS frame, glass slide, PP holder, 0.5~1.3ml, Sterile, Dnase&Rnase Free, Non-pyrogenic,6 /Pack, 2 Packs/Case

1. Convenient for microscopic observation

2. Bottom material: Glass, Chamber material: PS, Holder material: PP

3. Chamber color: Clear

4. Easy open flip for chamber & slide disassembly

5. No chemical adhesives used

6. Designed to prevent cross contamination

7. Alphanumeric labeling

8. Packing trays can be used as incubation racks in CO2 incubators.

9. Non-pyrogenic

10. Non-cytotoxic

11. DNase, RNase, and human DNA free

12. EO Sterilized

Ordering Information
Cat# Meterial

(Chamber/ Slides/ Holder)

Well Color Growth Area Working Volume/Well Sterile Unit
07-2101 PS/Glass/PP 1-well Clear 9.40cm2 2.5-5.5ml Yes 6 / Pack,

2 Packs/ Case

07-2102 PS/Glass/PP 2-well Clear 4.55cm2 1.20-2.50ml Yes 6 / Pack,

2 Packs/ Case

07-2104 PS/Glass/PP 4-well Clear 2.13cm2 0.50-1.30ml Yes 6 / Pack,

2 Packs/ Case

07-2108 PS/Glass/PP 8-well Clear 0.98cm2 0.20-0.60ml Yes 6 / Pack,

2 Packs/ Case

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