Chloride Ion Concentration Meter



CAT NO: T-713Cl

SKU: EA-11244-269


Chloride Ion Concentration Meter

Chloride Ion Concentration Meter

T-713Cl Chloride Ion Meter by Peak Instruments

Test ions in aqueous solutions with the features of simple sample process, quick and accurate measurements. T-713Cl Chloride Ion meter Measure chloride ion and pH value in drinking water, food and sewage.


Main Features

  • 7 inch color capacitive screen with high resolution (1024*600) and sensitivity, which can show more parameters, more intuitive and simpler to read data.
  • Auto calibration, auto temperature compensation, data storage, USB data export, clock, wireless printing, function setup, smart self-diagnosis and other intelligent functions.
  • English and Chinese operating system, humanization design with adjustable screen brightness.
  • Big built-in memory can store 1000 sets of test data which can be saved and transferred to USB flash drive and opened with Excel, very easy and convenient for edit.
  • Can test electric potential, pH, ORP, ion concentration and temperature
  • Quick switch between different units: ppm, mol/L, g/L.
  • Smart judge of electrode status to ensure accurate use for operators.
  • With standard Bluetooth module and support wireless Bluetooth printing to make operations much easier for users. Optional data transmission to PC and cell phone via wireless Bluetooth.
Instrument Grade 0.101
Measurement Range pH/pX (-2.00~20.00) pH, (0.00~14.00) pX
mV (-1999.9~1999.9) mV
Xoncentration (0~19990), optional units: mol/L, g/L, ppm
Temperature (-10.0~110.0)°C
Resolution pH/pX 0.01pH/pX
mV 1mV
Concentration 4 significant digits(expressed in scientific notation)
Temperature 0.1°C
Accuracy pH/pX ±0.01pH/pX
mV ±0.1%FS
Ion concentration ±0.3%
Temperature ±0.1°C
Power Supply DC 12V/1A, with standard power adaptor
Dimensions & Weight 270×170×70mm, 600g
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