Cloud Point and Pour Point Analyzer

Cloud Point and Pour Point Analyzer


Cloud Point and Pour Point Analyzer

Manufacturer: ORBIS BV

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About AirSTAR CP/PP Analyzer

  • Cooling. The ColdBlock integrated cooling unit is friendly to environment, people and maintenance department. With the capacity to cool down to -105ºC, no external chillers are required. ColdBlock is completely liquid-free.
  • Concept. AirSTAR CP/PP is modular: ColdBlock and CP/PP Head are modules that can be combined and used independently from one another. Imagine for instance two ColdBlocks and three CP/PP Heads in one set-up, where one Head is always clean and ready for start on either one of the two ColdBlocks. Or include even CFPP Heads in the set-up to make AirSTAR a full range cold properties testing instrument.
  • Innovation. AirSTAR CP/PP is small full of innovative technology that makes CP/ PP testing easier, faster, and more reliable. One example is the cable-free design. Users simply take out the CP/PP Head from the ColdBlock and put it in the Docking station, and vice versa. All without having to (dis)connect any cables.
  • Results. AirSTAR CP/PP strictly conforms to applicable ASTM, EN, IP and JIS methods, and results are reliable and precise. Results are stored on the iPad and printed on any printer. Other options: connect to Windows PC, send to LIMS and/or email results directly from the iPad.

About Cloud and Pour Point
Cloud Point is the temperature at which a cooled sample first shows a cloudy appearance because of wax forming,
measured under conditions described in the methods ASTM D2500 and D5773 and related methods.
Pour Point is the temperature at which a cooled sample first becomes semi solid and loses its flow characteristics,
measured under conditions described in the methods D97 and D6892 and related methods.

The AirSTAR CP/PP Analyzer includes:

  • AirSTAR ColdBlock cooling unit + iPad mini 2
  • AirSTAR CP/PP Head
  • AirSTAR WiPower Docking station

CP/PP Head features:

  • Integrated microprocessor-controlled mechanism for lifting and tilting of the jar
  • Accurate cloud & pour point detection with high definition camera
  • Powercast® technology for wireless power to CP/PP Head
  • Integrated chip for communication ColdBlock
  • PT-100 easy click-connect, built in storage for calibration data & unique ID
  • Easy assembling.



Cloud Point: ASTM D2500, D5773. Pour Point: D97, D6892, D5853

Sample flow detection

High definition camera


Extensive calibration routines for sample + bath jacket temperature measurement.

Temperature probe offset table for up to 12 calibration point Programmable frequency of calibration notifications


Microprocessor controlled; constant and dynamic profiles customizable.

Temperature range:

+65°C down to -105°C (149°F   to -175ºF )

Test/Aspiration Settings

Test can be started at programmable temperatures. Option for customized time and test intervals (every 1 or 3 ºC, etc)

Cooling profiles

Stepped and linear cooling profiles customizable (from 1 to 60°C/h). Unlimited storage capacity.

Temperature Measurement


°C or °F; PT 100 class A probe, automatic probe ID detection with built-in calibration data storage.

Calibration certificate standard supplied.



RJ45 port for connection to PC/Server & printer. Connection to iPad through internal WiFi network (completely

independent, not interfering with laboratory network).


100–240 VAC, 50/60 Hz


150 W


16cm x 59cm x 35cm (W x D x H)


25 kg

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