Constant Temperature Bath JHH-S2

Constant Temperature Bath JHH-S2




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Constant Temperature Bath JHH-S2

The Intelligent constant temperature water bath constant temperature bath is a new type of equipment specially produced according to the needs of material analysis and production inspection in the petrochemical industry, chemical fiber plastics and other industries. It is necessary to clearly observe the real-time reaction inside the bath to conduct a constant temperature test or a constant temperature test on the test sample or the produced product. For testing, the thermostatic bath control system adopts PID automatic control and large-screen LCD display. It is widely used in the fields of chemical industry, petroleum, medicine, biology, physical chemistry, metrological verification, colleges and universities, electronic instruments, scientific research institutions, etc.

 Intelligent constant temperature water bath  Introduction

(1) The thermostatic bath is transparent on all sides, and the color, flow and chemical reaction of the liquid medium to be thermostated can be observed.

(2) Large-screen LCD display, PID automatic control.

(3) Fully enclosed compressor is used for refrigeration, and the temperature drops quickly.

(4) Using a microcomputer intelligent control system, the temperature rises quickly, the temperature is stable, and the operation is simple


model Temperature range (℃) Digital display resolution (℃) Temperature fluctuation (±℃) Working tank volume Slot opening Groove depth (mm)
JH-200T Room temperature -98 0.1 0.1 (Mm) (Mm) 350
JH-800T 0~80 0.1 0.1 250×200×350 198×140 350
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