Density Meter JH-M02




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Density Meter JH-M02

Density Meter JH-M02


Density Instrument, U-tube oscillation method density meter, electronic liquid density meter is based on the principle of different oscillation frequencies when the double U-tube is filled with different media to measure the liquid density.

Density Instrument Introduction

Innovation points to improve efficiency:

1: You can see whether the sample has bubbles or not;

2: High automation integration, realizing one-key measurement function.

4: Comes with Peltier temperature control.

Density Instrument Feature And Application

1. Using the principle of U-tube vibration method, it is suitable for automatic measurement of liquid density

2. Using imported high-speed STM32 chip processing, high sensitivity and accurate data

3. Automatic sampling: Xiongfa special automatic sampling system, automatic quantitative technology, high precision

4. Using self-developed technology to remove residues to ensure no residues in samples

5. Constant temperature control: Adopting self-developed Peltier refrigeration technology, high refrigeration efficiency and environmental protection

6. Wall-free treatment: the liquid will leave residual liquid on the inner wall of the oscillating tube during the flow process, which will affect the measurement accuracy. Therefore, the wall-free treatment on the inner wall of the oscillating tube can avoid residual liquid on the inner wall of the oscillating tube and ensure Improve the accuracy of the instrument.

7. Data storage and transmission: built-in storage chip, can store 80 sets of test data, and can be recalled and deleted

8. Calibration function: Use 20℃ pure water as a standard to calibrate the instrument, which is a function that cannot be achieved by a glass densitometer

Fields of use Density Instrument

Density testing of petroleum, diesel, cleaning fluid, lubricating fluid, chemical liquid, flux, crude oil, chemical reagent, stupid, toluene, flavor and fragrance, essential oil, alcohol, beverage and other industries, can be converted for alcohol and sulfuric acid solution concentration! Electronic liquid density meter conforms to GB/T29617, ISO12185, ASTMD4052/D5002, GB/T29617-2013, GB/T2013-2010, GB23971-2009, GB4747-2009, SH/T0604-2000, SN/T2383-2009, SH/ T0729-2004, ASTMD4052, ASTMD5002, ASTMD1250, ASTMD3505, ISO12185:1996.

Density Instrument Details

After pumping the liquid to be tested into the resonant cylinder sensor, the single-chip microcomputer performs measurement data processing, which is fast and direct, and has high sensitivity. It is composed of double tuning fork density sensor, vibrating tube circuit, temperature measurement circuit, CPU, display, constant temperature bath, liquid inlet pump and control panel.

*Density measurement range: 0.00001 -1.99999g/cm³

Density repeatability: ±0.0002 g/cm³

Density accuracy: ±0.0005 g/cm³

*Automatic temperature control: 15-35℃

Temperature repeatability: ±0.1 °C (0.2 °F)

U-tube visual function: yes

Automatic sampling detection function: Yes

Environment temperature requirement: 5℃~35℃

The minimum sample amount is about: 1.5Ml

Built-in tables and functions: density, alcohol concentration table

U-tube material: borosilicate glass

Dimensions (length x width x height) 206mm×205mm×200mm

Weight: 3.6kg

Power supply: 220V±22V, 50Hz±1 Hz, 50VA

Display LED display

Data storage capacity: memory 80 measurement results

Other special functions: built-in temperature and humidity sensor for intelligent environmental monitoring.

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