EBC Colour Upgrade



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EBC Colour Upgrade

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EBC Colour Upgrade


Range: 2-27 units
Path Length: 25mm [Upgrade includes 10mm, 25mm & 40mm]

Please note: The EBC 430nm method specifies a fixed path length of 10mm.

The EBC colour scale, developed by the Institute of Brewing and the European Brewing Convention, is a recognised method for colour grading of beers, malts and caramel solutions as well as similarly coloured liquids. It has a range of 2 to 27 visual units; yellower pale worts and lagers at the low end of the scale and the amber of dark worts, beers and caramels at the upper end of the scale.

If the sample falls outside this range (e.g. concentrates, syrups) then sample dilution and/or a different path length cell can be used to bring the reading within the EBC range.

Please note, the EBC colour scale is based on a sample path length of 25mm therefore, when cells of different path lengths are used or when dilutions are made, it is essential that these factors are taken into account, the correct adjustments made and full details recorded for future reference.

The Lovibond EBC Colorpod is based on the photometric evaluation of EBC colour that uses a wavelength of 430nm and a cell path length of 10 mm as per Method 3.4A of Analytica EBC.


  • Beer, Malts and Caramels
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