Electrophoresis Tanks



MODEL NO: 03-3100

SKU: EA-2501-31


Electrophoresis Tanks

Electrophoresis Tanks

Electrophoresis Tank, Gel Dimension:100x70mm&100x100mm 1 Piece/Pack

These electrophoresis tanks are widely used in fields including microbiology, biochemistry, and more. Their unique design makes use simple and samples easy to load. Two sizes are available.


• Injection molded, leak-proof tank

• Convenient operation

• No tapes, clamps, or springs required

• Low buffer consumption

• Multiple tray sizes and combs available

Ordering Information
Catalogue No. Unit Dimensions

(W x L x H)

Gel Dimensions

(W x L)

Maximum Sample Rapid Casting


03-3070 210x90x90mm 70×70,70×100 32 for 70 x 70mm

64 for 70 x 100mm

Use gel maker stand
03-3100 220x125x90mm 100×70,100×100 50 for 100 x 70mm

100 for 100 x 100mm

Use gel maker stand
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