Flow-Through Conductivity Cells/TetraCon DU/T

Flow-Through Conductivity Cells/TetraCon DU/T


Flow-through conductivity measuring cells

4-electrode flow-through conductivity cell with built-in temperature sensor, for all standard applications, cell constant: K = 0.778 cm-1

Manufacturer: WTW XYLEM

Product code: 301252

SKU: EA-5734-324


Flow-Through Conductivity Cells/TetraCon DU/T

Four electrode plastic flow-through measuring cells with low-polarization graphite electrodes for applications in closed circuits

  • Suitable for flow-through measurement in the lab
  • For medium and high conductivity
  • Also to test special systems

Flow measuring cells by WTW for medium and high conductivity are suitable for extensive measuring series in the lab but also for the maintenance and measurement of cleaning solutions in special systems.

Technical Data

TetraCon® DU/T, TetraCon® DU/TH
Measuring range 1 µS/cm … 1 S/cm
Temperature range 0 … 60 °

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