Frame Type



MODEL NO: 99-2230

SKU: EA-243-87


Frame Type

Frame Type

Frame Type Freezer Racks, 696*137*342mm, Stainless steel, 5*6, hold 30 boxes with 2″ height,1 Piece/Case

● Made of corrosion-resistant stainless steel

● Ideal for storage of 1 inch and 2 inch standard size cryogenic boxes

● Fits most standard upright freezers

● Simple structure and lightweight design helps manage cryogenic boxes efficiently

● Can be customized.

Cat # Description Capacity

(D x H Configuration)


(H x W x D)

Storage box size (mm)
99-2215 Frame Type 5×3 422x137x284 133x133x36
99-2216 Frame Type 4×4 560x137x229 133x133x53
99-2220 Frame Type 4×5 560x137x284 133x133x53
99-2224 Frame Type 4×6 560x137x339 133x133x53
99-2225 Frame Type 5×5 680x137x284 133x133x36
99-2230 Frame Type 5×6 700x137x339 133x133x53
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