Heracell VIOS 250i CO2 Incubator with Copper Chamber . VIOS 250i CU IR

Heracell VIOS 250i CO2 Incubator with Copper Chamber . VIOS 250i CU IR


Heracell VIOS 250i CO2 Incubator with Copper Chamber . VIOS 250i CU IR


Manufacturer: ThermoFisher Scientific

Product code: 51030993

SKU: EA-5740-44


Heracell VIOS 250i CO2 Incubator with Copper Chamber . VIOS 250i CU IR

The Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ VIOS CO2 incubator is specifically designed to deliver the performance reliability, ease of operation, and value required to support a range of culturing needs from basic research to the demanding, leading-edge applications. Better solutions for optimal cell growth. Our CO2 incubators with 100% copper chambers provide the ideal in vitro environment. Large 255L capacity provides space for high throughput applications and accomodates spaces for culture devices for larger sample output.

Direct heat chamber

  • 255L (9.0 cu.ft.) 100% solid copper chamber with compact footprint, easily stackable
  • Standard left hand door swing, field reversible by qualified service support

THRIVE active airflow 

  • In-chamber fan gently distributes clean, humidified air throughout the chamber ensuring  homogeneous conditions
  • Fast recovery of all parameters in 10 minutes or less for stable culturing conditions
  • Auto-stop function disables fan operation during door openings to minimize air exchange

ISO Class 5 HEPA filtration

  • In-chamber HEPA continuously filters the entire chamber air volume every 60 seconds
  • ISO Class 5 clean room air quality is achieved in the culture chamber within 5 minutes
  • Continuous protection minimizes airborne contaminants settling on interior surfaces

Covered Integrated humidity reservoir

  • Directly heated water reservoir provides stable high relative humidity levels, preventing culture desiccation
  • Cover limits particles and spilled media from settling into the reservoir, keeping water clean
  • Separating water provides a condensation free incubation chamber, limiting areas for contaminants to breed
  • 5X faster humidity recovery than traditional water pan designs
  • Easy water handling: humidity reservoir may be filled or drained without removing shelves or cultures
  • Water level sensor indicates when a refill is needed

Steri-Run on-demand high temperature sterilization cycle

  • Independently validated overnight cycle ensures complete elimination of all biological contaminants 
  • 180°C cycle designed for uniform 12-log sterilization on all chamber surfaces
  • Simplifies cleaning and eliminates the need for separate autoclaving and reassembly of components

Intuitive, interactive iCAN touchscreen control  

  • Bright LED screen to monitor all incubator interactions              
  • Provides visibility to changes in culture environment with performance trend graphing, error and usage logs
  • Convenient on-screen user prompts and reminders for easy navigation

Wireless Monitoring Solution

Thermo Scientific™ DeviceLink HUB™, our easy-to-install solution, works with the Thermo Fisher Cloud to monitor conditions inside your CO2 incubators. 

  • DeviceLink HUB monitors chamber temperature, gas levels, alarms, and alerts from the incubator data output connection, RS-232 or USB 
  • Alarms and notifications are also sent to the user by email and mobile push notification
  • DeviceLink HUB is an optional accessory for models with the iCAN touchscreen interface

In situ sensors and probes designed for precise control

  • Dual temperature probes for over temperature protection with operational back up
  • Thermal conductivity (TC) CO2 sensor with rH compensation designed for fast recovery and stable operation


Capacity (English) 9.0 cu. ft.
Certifications/Compliance CE, CSA
CO2 Concentration Range 1 to 20%
CO2 Sensor Technology IR Sensor
Data Outputs USB, and optional 4-20mA
Description Single 255L incubator, standard model
Capacity (Metric) 255 L
Chamber Material Copper
Dimensions (D x W x H) Interior 24.8 x 23.9 x 26.4 in. (62.9 x 60.7 x 67 cm)
Dimensions (L x W x H) 36.8 x 30.5 x 38.1 in. (93,4 x 77.4 x 96.8 cm)
Temperature Range (Metric) Ambient +3°C to 55°C
Relative Humidity >93% at 37°C
Electrical Requirements 230 V, 50/60 Hz
Humidity Source Covered integrated water reservoir
Oxygen Control Optional 1-21% or 5-90%
O2 Concentration Range Optional 1 to 21% or 5 to 90%
Type CO2 Incubator
Weight (English) 215 lb.
Unit Size Each
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