Lovibond RT250 Elite Package



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Lovibond RT250 Elite Package


  • Enhanced Measurement Integrity
    The dampened, flip-back targeting interface and remote measurement trigger enables you to easily measure difficult-to-handle samples
  • Accommodates Wide Range of Samples and Sizes
    The measurement capability of the RT 250 of 14 mm or larger makes this instrument ideal for the measurement of materials such as paper, plastic, fabric and a variety of hard surfaces.
  • Quick, Accurate Reads
    With the RT 250, you can achieve measurement times of 2 seconds on standard flat samples as well as complex shapes.
  • Versatility
    You can use the RT 250 for both handheld and benchtop applications. The remode read switch adds convenience when using one of the many accessories available.
  • Easy to Operate
    The RT 250 operates with “close-and-play” functionality supported by visual (LED) and audible status indicators.
  • Reliable Performance
    This instrument allows you to simultaneously measure both specular included (colour) and specular-excluded (appearance) to determine the influence of specular component.
  • Consistent Measurements
    The superior agreement capabilities ensure integrity of multiple-instrument colour control and inter-instrument agreement throughout the factory or across sites.
  • Colour Control Software for Quality Control
    The Lovibond® RT 250 Spectrophotometer is not a stand-alone unit as it does not incorporate a display screen. The RT Elite Package contains everything you need to start using the instrument immediately, combining the RT 250 with the popular OnColorTM Lite Software. If enhanced functionality is required, you can upgrade the software to the OnColorTM Premium Software edition.


  • Coatings
  •  Food and Beverage
  •  Household Products
  •  Medical and Clinical Products
  •  Plastics


Title Scale Path Length Scale Range Scale Resolution Applicable Standard
Yellowness Index dependant on spectral locus ASTM 313, ASTM D1925
Whiteness Index n/a 0 – 100 ASTM 313
CIE 94
CIE L* a* b n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.01 ASTM E308
CIELAB (L*C*h) n/a L*, C*, dependant on spectral locus, 0 – 360° 0.01 ASTM E308
Delta E* colour difference n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.01
xyY chromaticity co-ordinates 0 – 1 (x,y), 0 – 100 (Y) 0.0001 (x,y), 0.01 (Y) ASTM E308
XYZ Tristimulus 0 – 100 0.01 ASTM E308
Miscommunication of Colour Data
CMC Tolerancing n/a dependant on spectral locus 0.01
Hunter Lab dependant on spectral locus 0.01
Delta L*u*v* colour difference dependant on spectral locus
Optical density (Absorbance)


Sturdy Box Including

  • Instrument
  • Calibration box
  • Universal power supply
  • Instruction manual

Title Glass Standard Values Filters Part Number
CIE L*a*b* Approximate values

  • L* 92a – 3.4 b*26
1 130501

Applicable Standard ASTM 313
ASTM D1925
Colour Type Transparent
Interfaces USB
Spectral Interval 10 nm – measured; 10nm – output
Measurement Range 0 tot 200 % reflectie
Measurement Time Approx 2 seconds
Power Supply 15 W max
90 – 130 VAC or 100 – 240 VAC
50 – 60 MZ
AC Adapter Requirements
Lamp Life Approx 500,000 measurements
Storage Temperature -4 to 122°F (-20° to 50°C)
Spectral Range 400 – 700 nm
Portability Benchtop
Dimensions 91 x 109 x 213 mm
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