MultiMix D



CAT NO:  10000-01038

SKU: EA-11194-89


MultiMix D

Magnetic Multistirrer 5 places LCD 200-1200rpm

Digital Magnetic Stirrer Multiplace without Heating

  • Module consisting in 5 or 9 stirring places, in a single platform, with a single electrical connection. Each magnetic stirrer works independently.
  • Adjustable stirring speed, controlled by microprocessor.
  • Smooth and progressive start to maintain the magnetic coupling, independently of the selected speed.
  • Digital Display LCD backlighted indicating the selected speed.
  • User friendly interface to adjust speed on each position.
  • Membrane push-button control.
  • The selected parameters are memorized, even if the instrument is switch off.
  • Antiscratch surface.
  • Packaging: 56x48x21cm


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