NDA 701Dumas N Analyzer 230V/50-60Hz

NDA 701Dumas N Analyzer 230V/50-60Hz


NDA 701Dumas N Analyzer 230V/50-60Hz

Manufacturer: Velp

Product Code: EA-5712-291

SKU: F30800070


Product Description

A powerful Dumas Protein/Nitrogen Analyzer, able to perform precise nitrogen analysis and protein determination in a flash. It is the best solution for high productivity and offers unique benefits, being totally unsupervised.

Exceptional Versatility

  • Preinstalled methods selectable in an instant
  • Controllable from PC with DUMAsoft™ software
  • Powerful, clear and detailed reporting software
  • Data storable in multiple formats for LIMS or PC

High Productivity

  • Flash determination of nitrogen & protein content
  • Automated analysis of preloaded samples (117 positions)
  • Totally unsupervised operation
  • Results produced 24/7/365

High Performance

  • Unmatched LOD, 0.003 mg N
  • RSD less than 0.5% with EDTA standard
  • Conforms to Good Laboratory Practice standard
  • Leak tests (zone or total) ensure optimum performance

Economical Operation

  • LoGas™ TCD with no reference gas required
  • Exceptionally low cost per analysis
  • Premium quality consumables
  • Low energy consumption
  • Lowest operator costs

Environmentally Friendly

  • Minimum possible waste & residues
  • Optimized life of consumables
  • Incorporates TEMS™ technolog
Method of analysis: Nitrogen determination according to Dumas method (combustion)
Duration of analysis: 3/4 minutes
Detector: Innovative TCD autocalibrating
Sample weight: max 1g
Autosampler capacity: up to 4 discs, 30 positions each
Reproducibility (RSD): < 0.5% for EDTA standards (9.57%N)
Recovery: > 99.5%
Detection limit: 0.003 mg nitrogen
Helium (He): purity 99.999% (grade 5.0)
Oxygen (O2): purity 99.999% (grade 5.0)
Compressed air or Nitrogen (N2): purity 99.6 % (oil and water free)
Helium (He) pressure: 2 bar
Oxygen (O2) pressure: 2 bar
Interfaces: USB; RS232
Power: 1400 W
Power supply: 230 V / 50 – 60 Hz
Weight: 54 kg / 119 lb
Dimensions (WxHxD): 655x510x410 mm (H 690 mm with autosampler)
25.8×20.1×16.1 in (H 27.0 in with autosampler)

Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer – Full Automation & Convenience

VELP Scientifica has designed convenience into the NDA 701 Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer to let the user concentrate on evaluating the results that are produced in just 3 to 4 minutes per sample.
Once up to 4 discs (30 positions each) have been loaded, press the start button and walk away.

With the best limit of detection on the market and an RSD lower than 0.5% for EDTA, the user is assured of high precision results.

NDA 701, the ideal solution for high throughput, being fully automated and able to run 24/7.

Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer – NDA 701 Working Process

The Dumas method starts with a combustion to burn the sample, obtaining elemental compounds. Water is removed by a first physical trap (DriStep™), positioned after the combustion, and a second chemical one. Between the two, the elemental substances passed through a reduction furnace. The auto-regenerative CO2 adsorbers let pass only the elemental nitrogen that is detected by theLoGas™ innovative Thermal Conductivity Detector (TCD) with no requirement for a reference gas.

Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer – DUMASoft™, Simple Data Management

All the information will be constantly monitored from the main screen, including the real time graph. A wide library of methods is pre-installed to support the user with valuable information on the analysis.
It’s also possible to create a library of the calibration curves, in order to be always ready to use the most suitable one.

At any time, a leak test can be performed, to check that the system is completely sealed and no gases comes out.
After the analysis, the user can createcustomized test report, with lots of information about the lab and its own logo.

Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer – Reliable Autosampler

The NDA 701 autosampler provides high-quality performance, both for the sample loading and the sample conditioning, where the sample is stored into a dedicated room and purged with Helium in order to eliminate any trace of nitrogen present in the atmosphere before starting the analysis.
It can stand up to 4 discs simultaneously for an enhanced productivity.
The same autosampler is suitable for samples of any matrix (liquid, solid and semi-solid) up to 1 gram.

Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer – Specific Accessories for High Flexibility

NDA 701 is equipped with numerous accessories designed to simplify the operation.
A specific device simplifies the sample preparation for liquids; spatulas and syringes esnure correct transfer of the sample into the capsules.
In addition, VELP Scientifica produces also the main consumables, ensuring premium performance, as both the analyzer and the consumables come from the same source.

Dumas Nitrogen Analyzer – Accuracy and Precision

Discover the reliability of the NDA 701, as shown by the very low detection limit (0.003 mg N) and the good RSD% (<0.5% with EDTA standard). The unit can process up to 1 gram of samples, but also with small quantities (around 200 mg) NDA 701 gives optimum results with minimum consumption. No need for higher quantities as the results will be the same.

Dumas vs. Kjeldahl


For High Productivity, non-stop performance
Time Saving, few minutes required
Moderate Running Costs
Totally Unsupervised, fully automated
Dry Chemistry
No chemicals
Eco-friendly, less residues and wastes
Increasingly Used Method, new technique
RSD%, < 0.5% (with yeast - 2.33% N)
Sample Homogenization, 0.5 mm particle size


For Low Productivity, non-continuous operation
Time-consuming, analyses last hours
Affordable Equipment Cost
Partly Unsupervised, not entirely automated process
Wet Chemistry, uses chemicals
Costly Wastes Produced, residues must be disposed of
Worldwide Official Method, still the traditional technique
RSD%, < 1% (with yeast - 2.28% N)
Sample Homogenization, 1 mm particle size

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