Noise Warning Sign – Pulsar SafeEar Master

Noise Warning Sign – Pulsar SafeEar Master


Manufacturer: pulsar

Cat No:SafeEar/SHHH

SKU: EA-11671-99



This noise warning sign is there all the time so you don’t have to be! These health and safety warning signs are ideal for use in environments where there is a constant need to monitor safe noise levels. The PulsarSafeEar noise activated warning sign is perfect for use in factories, workshops, pubs and nightclubs as a hearing protection sign to alert workers in real-time when background noise levels are too high and hearing protection must be worn.

  • In environments where the wearing of hearing protection may not be required at all times, the PulsarSafeEar noise activated warning signs act as hearing protection signs to inform employees when Personal Protective Equipment is required and also when it can be safely removed.
  • The PulsarSafeEar can also be used in quiet locations such as offices, call centres, classrooms/exam rooms, corridors, hospitals and libraries to indicate when high noise levels must be kept down or to create quiet zones. Simply set the PulsarSafeEar to trigger at a low-level noise to ensure that noise levels in quiet environments stay within acceptable levels.
Remote display units:

Connect your Master Pulsar SafeEar to additional Remote SafeEar Display Units; the SafeEars can be daisy-chained together to cover a larger area and so more people can see it. Using this method they can also show different noise alert messages in various languages to cater for a workforce made up of a diverse ethnic mix.

Four standard noise warning sign designs available
  • Hearing Protection Must Be Worn (our most popular hearing protection sign)
  • Safety signs: Warning High Noise Levels
  • Caution sign: Caution High Sound Levels
  • Quiet zone sign: Shhh! Quiet Zone
  • Application Noise activated warning sign
  • Trigger Level 40dB(A) to 114dB(A)
  • Suitable for both quiet & noisy environments
  • Microphone PM112
  • Frequency Weighting ‘ A’ Weighting to IEC 61672-1:2002
  • Time Weighting Slow to IEC 61672-1:2002
  • Visual Indication High-intensity white LED with four standard designs
  • User-selectable brightness levels
  • Display delay time None or 30 seconds
  • External Power 2.1mm Power Jack, 12v DC via PUL200 Mains Power Supply
  • Output Control for Remote Display Units via standard 2.1mm Power Connector
  • Up to three Remote Display Units can be powered from a Master Unit
  • Dimensions 12”(30cm) diameter, 2”(5cm) depth
  • Weight 1.3lbs (0.6kg)
  • Mounting 2 x Keyhole mounting slots
  • Data Logging USB Data Logger with 32,000 Samples of LAS (Slow ‘A’ Weighted Sound Level)
  • User Selectable 1 second (9 hours), 10 seconds (3.7 days), 1 minute (22 days) sampling
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