Omnitek U-VIsc Viscometer

Omnitek U-VIsc Viscometer


U-VIsc Viscometer

Manufacturer: OMNITEK

Product code: EA-5631-25




The OmniTek U-VIsc combines several unique features, making it the instrument of choice in many applications, ranging from QC to R&D to used oil analysis. While offering full compliance with ASTM D445/446, the specially designed viscometer tubes cover a 100-fold range, e.g. from 1 to 100 mm2/s.

“The U-VIsc viscometry system provides users with very high throughput, unattended operation and delivers the ultimate in kinematic viscosity testing”

Versatile and reliable
The tubes are based on the well-known and proven Ubbelohde design, but only require 8-12 ml of sample and approx. 10-15 ml of solvent for each cleaning cycle. Available with single or dual solvent cleaning, the instrument measures kinematic viscosity in lubricants between 0.5 and 10,000 mm2/s.

Designed  to  be  versatile  and  flexible,  yet  easy  to  use.
Different models are available ranging from 1 bath with 1 or 2 tubes, up to 2 baths with 1 or 2 tubes per bath. Sophisticated temperature control ensures that measurements are carried out according to D445 requirements. Each bath features a sampling tray with 16 samples per tube, allowing completely unattended operation. Depending on the viscosity of the sample, the instrument can process up to 10 samples per tube per hour, leading to a maximum capacity of up to 40 samples per hour, satisfying even the needs of high volume labs running several hundred samples per day.

“The U-VIsc viscometry system was designed with full ASTM D445 compliance in mind, combined with low solvent consumption, high unattended throughput, ease of use and reliability.”

The U-VIsc requires a PC for operation but can also be controlled as a stand-alone unit through the responsive color touch screen interface. For data collection, storage, calculations and reporting, an advanced PC software application is provided with the instrument, which can gather data from up to 4 instruments simultaneously.

If the baths are run at 40 and 100º C, the instrument will automatically calculate the sample’s Viscosity Index, based on the results from both baths.


Omnitek U-VIsc is available in four different models

Version Independent
tubes / bath
Autosampler Max. capacity
per hour *)
U-VIsc 110 1 1 16 positions 10 meas.
U-VIsc 120 1 2 16 positions / tube 20 meas.
U-VIsc 210 2 1 16 positions / tube 20 meas.
U-VIsc 220 2 2 16 positions /  tube 40 meas.

*) Measurements per / hour ; depends on viscosity, tube, temperature and solvents chosen

Available options:

  • Dual solvent cleaning
  • High temperature bath (150 °C)
  • Sample pre-heater (1 per tube; up to 150 °C)
  • Compressor
  • Cooling Spiral & External chiller
  • Pedestal base
  • PC + Printer

 Standard included software

U-VIsc utilizes advanced and easy to use multi-lingual  software. One PC can control up to 4 different systems (1 COM-port required for each instrument). Data can be exchanged with a LIMS via RS-232 or wireless. The instrument can be operated in its entirety through the PC interface. Sample ID’s can be loaded and sample queues  can be started, halted or temporarily suspended. Results are automatically stored in the internal database and optionally also on any external drive or network folder.

During  a  run  several  kind  of  information  is  shown  like  measured  flow  times,  average,  spread  and calibration  /  viscosity  result.  Also  actual  status  like  filling,  cleaning,  etc  is  shown  for  every  unit involved.  Measured  flow  times  are  presented  in  left  or  right  column,  depending  whether  upper  or lower  measuring  bulb  is  used  for  testing.  Sample  queue  is  permanently  present  and  can  be  edited any time without interrupting running samples.

A unique feature of U-VIsc software is its ability to define and store different operating methods, including different ways for cleaning and drying tubes. Methods can be set up for viscosity measurement or calibration and involve a number of configurable steps.

Operating mode Viscosity or Calibration
Termination Static = Fixed number of consecutive measurements
Dynamic = Number of measurements depend on pre-set conditions
Warm-up time Fixed time for having sample thermally stabilized in viscometer tube
Pre-heating time Time to allow sample being pre-heated (note: pre-heater is optional)
Reduced vacuum Filling viscometer with reduced may prevent premature evaporating of low volatile components and/or may reduce formation of gas bubbles
Cleaning method Different pre-defined viscometer cleaning methods can be chosen from

Omnitek U-VIsc allows for defining several methods for cleaning of viscometer. This offers great advantages in operations as for any kind of fluid optimized cleaning parameters can be set.

Name Defined name will show up in operating method
Injections solvent 1 Number of injections of primary solvent, e.g. toluene
Injections solvent 2 Number of injections of secondary solvent, e.g. acetone
Injection quantity Amount of solvent per injection
Drying time Pre-set time
Thorough cleaning When set it will allow for intensive solvent spraying


New multi-lingual software allows for controlling all analysis procedure in different languages.

Viscosity index (VI)

VI is calculated either automatically or manually. Software gives VI automatically for same sample ID’s. It is also possible to calculate VI by choosing two different sample IDs manually.


  • Applicable for fuels, base oils, formulated oils, and other petrochemical fluid chemicals as well as diluted polymers
  • Meets all ASTM, EN, ISO and DIN standards related to kinematic viscosity and diluted solution viscosity standards
  • Extremely accurate temperature control
  • Extremely accurate flow-time measurement independent of fluid type
  • Viscometer filling by either vacuum or pressure method
  • Little sample volume / little solvent consumption
  • High capacity; up to 10 measurements per bath per tube per hour
  • Innovative viscometer tube cleaning allowing cross contamination free operation
  • Easy viscometer tube exchange
  • Suitable for petrochemical fluids and diluted solution viscosity samples
  • Chemically resistant to an extended range of fluids and solvents
  • Multiple versions available covering a wide variety of requirements
  • Compact design

Test methods

This product is compliant with the following test methods:

  • ASTM D445
  • ASTM D446
  • ASTM D2270
  • DIN 3104
  • DIN 3105
  • Plastics
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