Overhead Stirrer – OS20-S Package

Overhead Stirrer – OS20-S Package


Overhead Stirrer – OS20-S Package


OS20-S main body   8033100200 +Universal plate stand18900258 +Crossed stirrer18900071

PRODUCT CODE: 8033100100


SKU: EA-5211-51


Digital Overhead Stirrer- OS20- S Package


  • Accurate microprocessor stirring speed control guarantees speed precision
  • OS20-S main body   8033100200 +Universal plate stand18900258 +Crossed stirrer18900071
  • High reliability and outstanding performance
  • Anti-spill microprocessor control slow start up prevents accidental spillage and splashing
  • Remote function provide PC control and data transmission
  • Availability of auto-restart function in case of power loss for overnight operations.
  • A through-shaft design allows for easy adjustment of the impeller position
  • Large chuck diameter for many shaft types
  • Brushless DC motor for long life and maintenance free
  • Provides constant speed even with changes in viscosities of the samples
  • LCD display for precise monitoring of set and actual speeds, a wide range of speed from 50 to 2200rpm with control accuracy of ±3rpm. Set value and actual value can be displayed for real-time monitoring of torque and speed
  • Over torque protection automatically stops the motor
  • Torque trend display for real-time information on viscosity changes
  • Safety circuits allow for safe stop function in anti-stall or overload conditions
  • Pass through stirrer rods accepted


Maximum stirring capacity 20 Liters
Maximum torque 40Ncm
Viscosity maximum 10000mPas
Speed range 50-2200rpm
Speed display accuracy ± 3rpm
Speed display resolution ± 1rpm
Chuck diameter range 0.5-10mm
Dimensions 3.3W x 8.7H x 7.3D inches (83W x 220H x 186D mm)
Motor rating input 60W
Motor rating output 50W
Weight 5.5lbs
Motor type brushless DC motor
Voltage/Power 100-220V, 50/60 Hz/ 70W
Speed/Torque display LCD
Overload protection display LED lights
Protection class IP21
Data connector RS232
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity 5-40°C, 80%RH


Product Code P/N Descriptions
8033100100 OS20-S package4 OS20-S main body  8033100200  +Universal plate stand18900258  +Crossed stirrer18900071
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