PAT-85 Portable Appliance Tester

PAT-85 Portable Appliance Tester


PAT-85 Portable Appliance Tester

Manufacturer: SONEL

Manufacturer No: WMGBPAT85

SKU: EA-92125-11


PAT-85 Portable Appliance Tester


  • Extensive measuring system enables:
    • protective conductor resistance measurement using current: 200 mA, 10 A and 25 A,
    • measurement of insulation resistance using voltage: 100 V, 250 V, 500 V and 1000 V,
    • measurement of substitute, differential and touch leakage current,
    • functional test,
    • test of RCD and PRCD switches,
    • …and much more.
  • Intuitive user interface.
  • Cooperation with a label printer and QR code scanner.
  • Robust, compact housing.
  • Operation time at rechargeable battery power supply: up to 1 hour


The device is used wherever safety is the most important thing. Ideally suited to situations where it is necessary to check welders, power tools, three-phase devices and household appliances.


Thanks to the extensive measuring part, the device enables comprehensive checking of electrical devices. The touch screen and autoprocedures section make testing quick and efficient.

The meter cooperates with a label printer and QR scanner, which greatly facilitates the recordkeeping of tools. The following printouts are available:

  • initial measurement report,
  • QR code, where information on performed tests and the parameters of the tested device are saved.

These data can be read and added to the meter memory using the optional QR code scanner.

The whole picture is complemented by a compact and durable housing. It provides instrument protection during both measurements and transport.


The memory has a tree structure. For each device tested it contains its description, location of measurements, customer data and registration number.


The meter provides many modes of transmission of measurement results: via USB, LAN and WiFi. In addition, it is possible to upload the results to a USB stick. Dedicated PAT Analysis software allows for data management and also reports preparation – in several versions, depending on the user’s needs. In addition, it is possible to use the PAT Server solution. This system allows you to work in many modes, including:

  • smooth data management,
  • online upload to server,
  • work through a web browser,
  • work in task ordering mode,
  • storing copies of data on the server.


Measurement functions Range Resolution Accuracy
Resistance of protective conductor (PE)
I = 200 mA / 10 A / 25 A
up to 19.99 Ω from 1 mΩ from ±(3% m.v. + 4 digits)
Insulation resistance
UISO = 100 V / 250 V / 500 V / 1000 V
up to 599.9 MΩ from 1 kΩ ±(5% m.v. + 8 digits)
Current (clamp measurement) up to 24.9 A from 1 mA ±(5% m.v. + 5 digits)
Visual test
Continuity check of protective conductor (PE)
Insulation resistance measurement at three points
IEC cable test
Functional test
Apparent power S up to 3.99 kVA from 1 VA ±(5% m.v. + 3 digits)
Active power P up to 3.99 kW from 1 W ±(5% m.v. + 3 digits)
Reactive power Q up to 3.99 kvar from 1 var ±(5% m.v. + 3 digits)
Power Factor (PF) up to 1.00 0.01 ±(10% m.v. + 5 digits)
Current consumption for power measurement up to 15.99 A 0.01 A ±(2% m.v. + 3 digits)
THD for voltage and current up to 99.9% 0.1% ±(5% m.v. + 5 digits)
Cosφ up to 1.0 0.1 ±(5% m.v. + 5 digits)
Leakage current measurement
PE leakage current and differential leakage current up to 19.9 mA 0.01 mA ±(5% m.v. + 2 digits)
Substitute leakage current up to 19.9 mA 0.01 mA ±(5% m.v. + 2 digits)
Touch leakage current up to 4.999 mA 0.001 mA ±(5% m.v. + 3 digits)
RCD and PRCD switch test
Measurement of RCD parameters according to IEC 61557 up to 300 ms 1 ms ±(2% m.v. + 2 digits)
Measurement of RCD tripping current IA for sinusoidal residual current (AC type) up to 30 mA 0.1 mA ±5% IΔn
Measurement of power network parameters
Voltage up to 265.0 V 0.1 V ±(2% m.v. + 2 digits)
Frequency up to 55.0 Hz 0.1 Hz ±(2% m.v. + 2 digits)
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