Gem Refractometer JH-GR

Gem Refractometer JH-GR




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Gem Refractometer JH-GR

Gem Refractometer

The Gem Refractometer is the main tool for gem determination, and it is also a useful tool for identifying gem species.


Gem Refractometer Introduction


1: Portable design, easy to use;

2: LED cold light source replaces traditional sodium light and halogen tungsten light.

Gem RefractometerFeature And Application

Large eyepiece, wide field of view, easier to read

Frosted aluminum alloy countertop, corrosion-resistant, easy to clean.


Fields of use Gem Refractometer

Gem Refractometer can measure the refractive index of gems non-destructively, quickly and accurately, and can determine other light characteristics of gems.

Gem Refractometer Details

The working principle of the refractometer is based on total internal reflection. This instrument measures the critical angle of gemstones and directly converts the readings into refractive index values.

Conditions for total reflection:

1. The high refractive index prism of the refractometer must be an optically dense medium

2. The gemstone to be tested is a light sparse medium

3. The contact liquid makes a good optical contact between the prism and the gemstone to be tested.


Refractive index nD: 1.35–1.85nD

Resolution: 0.0001nD

Accuracy: 0.002nD

Display mode: digital display

Temperature display range (minimum value 0.1°C): 0~40°C (automatic temperature compensation)

Mass: 100 grams

Shape: 58(W)×25(D)×121(H)MM

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