Pesticides Rapid Test Kit

Pesticides Rapid Test Kit


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Pesticides Rapid Test Kit    




Pesticide rapid test kit is based on lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for Imidacloprid, Imidaclothiz, Acetamiprid, Thiamethoxam,Thiacloprid, Clothianidin and Dinotefuran. The test device has a testing window. The testing window has an invisible T (test) zone and C (control) zone. When sample is applied into the sample hole on the device, the liquid will laterally flow on the surface of the test strip. If there is little Acetamiprid in the sample, a visible T band will appear; T band is invisible if it has more Acetamiprid in the sample. The C band should always appear after a sample is applied, indicating a valid result. By this means, the device can accurately indicate the presence of Acetamiprid in the fruit, vegetables, tea sample.


Technical Specification 

Item PPB
Imidacloprid 5
Imidaclothiz 5
Acetamiprid 5
Thiamethoxam 1
Thiacloprid 2
Clothianidin 2
Dinotefuran 2


Reaction temperature: 25℃

Detect time:   30min.




Materials provided                                                 

Rapid Test Card 20PCS
PBS solution     50mL





Materials required not provided                                        

Deionized water, Ethyl acetate

Centrifuge tube:  5mL, 10mL

Micropipettors:  20~200 µL, 100~ 1000 µL

Vortex, centrifuge, balance (0.01 g), homogenizer, shaker


Sample Preparation   

Fresh sample                        

  • Take 1±05g of the fresh sample, add 10mL boiling water, shake properly.
  • Return to room temperature (20-25℃),take 80µL for analysis.


–Dry sample     

  • Take 1±05g of the dry sample, add 30mL boiling water, shake properly.
  • Return to room temperature (20-25℃), take 80µL for analysis.


Sample Determination                                                                                     

  1. Take out the cassette from the pack and place it horizontally.
  2. Return to room temperature (20-25℃), determine the cassette immediately.
  3. Add 2 drops(Approx 80µL) sample extraction, react for 5-10 min and read result.




Result Judgement


  1. Positive: The presence of “C” band, no matter “T”

It means that Pesticides in the sample extraction is higher than detect limit.

  1. Negative: Both clear“C” band and “T” band appears.

It means that Pesticides  in the sample extractionis lower than detect limit. .

  1. Invalid: No colored band appears in C zone, no matter whether T band




  1. For best results, please strictly adhere to these instructions.
  2. All reagents must be at room temperature before running the assay.
  3. Do not remove test cassette from its pouch until immediately before use.
  4. Do not reuse the test kit.
  5. Do not use the test beyond its expiration date marked on the foil pouch.
  6. The components in this kit have been quality control tested as standard batch unit.
  7. Do not mix components from different lot numbers.



Storage and expiry date                                             

  1. Store at 4-30 °C for 12 months in the dark. Do not freeze.
  2. Expiry date is labelled on the package.


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