Personal gamma radiation dosimeter DKG-21 “EcotestCARD”

Personal gamma radiation dosimeter DKG-21 “EcotestCARD”


Personal gamma radiation dosimeter DKG-21 “EcotestCARD”

Manufacturer: ECOTEST

Product Code: EA-5610-6

SKU: 116


Product Description  

Complete delivery set:


  • Dosimeter DKG-21 ‘Ecotest CARD’

  • Operating manual

  • Cardboard box

  • A case with a clip or a wristlet can be ordered at extra cost



  • Autonomous use or use within the automated system of personal dosimetry control

  • Dose accumulation history storage into non volatile memory with a real time connection

  • Dose accumulation history  transfer to PC via infrared port

  • Blocking the mode of the dosimeter power supply switch off until reading all accumulated data

  • PC, manual and with the help of the control keys programming of gamma radiation  EDR and ED threshold levels

  • Blocking certain indication modes on PC

  • Light and audio alert of excessive programmed threshold level of gamma radiation EDR and ED

  • Digital indicator automatic switch off, if present gamma background is lover than the present threshold level with instant switching on at:

    –          pressing any control  key

    –          gamma background increase above the present threshold level

    –          alarm clock ringing

  • Periodic self testing (batteries, detector)

  • Energy compensated Geiger-Muller counter




Gamma radiation equivalent dose rate Hp(10) µSv/h

0.1…1 000 000;

Gamma radiation equivalent dose Hp(10) mSv 

0.001…9 999;

Recording discreteness of dose accumulation history into non-volatile memory minutes


Energy range of registered gamma- and X-ray radiation and energy response,


(0.05…1.25; ±25%)

Time of data storage in non-volatile memory, not less than years


Speed of data exchange through the infrared port bit/sec

38 400

Distance of positive data exchange between the dosimeter and infrared port adapter, not more than m


Time of continuous operation from new lithium battery (CR2450) hours


Operating temperature range, C

-10 … + 50

Weight, kg


Dimensions, mm





  • Measurement of gamma radiation equivalent dose rate (EDR)

  • Measurement of personal gamma radiation equivalent dose (ED)

  • Clock, alarm clock

  • The dosimeter may be used at atomic power engineering sites, physics laboratories, Health Care organizations, as well as an electronic dosimeter for automated systems of personal dosimetry control ASPDC-21, and as an autonomous device

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