Pipette Pump – Levo E

Pipette Pump – Levo E


Item name: Pipette Pump – Levo E

Manufacturer: DLAB



Pipette Pump – Levo E

Key Features

•   Volume capacity 2mL, 10mL and 25mL
•   Colour-coded by volume with green, blue and red
•   Thumb wheel guarantees precise operation
•   Resistant to acids and alkalis
•   Easy for cleaning and maintenance

Pipette Pump – Levo E

Pipette Pump- Levo E
Cat. No. Descriptions
7013300001 2ml,blue (blank LOGO)
7013300002 10ml,green (blank LOGO)
7013300003 25ml,red (blank LOGO)

Additional information


Pipette Pump- Levo E- Blue, Pipette Pump- Levo E- green, Pipette Pump- Levo E- red

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