Power Supplies



MODEL NO: 03-1300

SKU: EA-12165-10


Power Supplies

Power Supplies

Mini 300V Power Supply 1 Piece/Pack

These Power Supplies are ideal for a variety of DNA, RNA, and protein electrophoresis, as well as blotting.


• Compact, user-friendly design

• Long service life

• Stackable and programmable

• Multiple safety features: no-load detection, shrouded plugs and sockets, leakage detection, over-temperature protection, crossover protection, full floating, over-current/over-voltage detection.

Ordering Information
Catalog No. Output Voltage / Inc Output Current / Inc Output Power
03-1300 10-300/1 V 10-400/1 mA 60W
03-2310 5-300/1 V 1-700/1 mA 150W
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