SealMate System



MODEL NO: 61-0152

SKU: EA-213-61


SealMate System

SealMate System

Biologix’s unique SealMate system provides a convenient new method for sealing standard-format microplates with adhesive films.


● Environmentally friendly green product: reduced waste; no protective backings to remove and discard
● Convenient, easy film application for microplates
● Three times faster than sheet films
● Inexpensive applicator
● Smooth lower surface for pressing film to the plate
● Available sterile and non-sterile
● Seals color coded for identification:
green = SealPlate; red = AeraSeal

Ordering Information
Cat # Description Quantity
61-0120 SealMate SealPlate Starter Kit, Non-Sterile Dispenser + 2 Rolls of SealPlate Films
61-0121 SealPlate Film Rolls Only, Non-Sterile 2 Rolls/Pk
61-0152 SealMate AeraSeal Starter Kit, Sterile Dispenser + 2 Rolls of AeraSeal Films
61-0153 AeraSeal Film Rolls Only, Sterile 2 Rolls/Pk
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