Search dosimeter-radiometer MKS-11GN “SPECTRA”

Search dosimeter-radiometer MKS-11GN “SPECTRA”


Search dosimeter-radiometer MKS-11GN “SPECTRA”

Manufacturer: ECOTEST

Product Code: EA-5610-19

SKU: 129


Product Description  

SPECTRA radiometer is a high-sensitivity search device intended to detect, localize and identify radioactive and nuclear materials by their gamma and neutron radiation. It is used to prevent illicit transfer of these materials across the state borders, as well as at the companies and institutions dealing with gamma and neutron radiation sources.

SPECTRA product identifies radionuclides with indication of the category that they belong to (in compliance with IAEA requirements). There is an option to save and transfer 128 full gamma radiation spectra.

Radiation isotope identification device is controlled by the wrist device via Bluetooth technology. Thus measurements can be done remotely keeping out of danger. Measurement results can also be transferred to a personal computer through the Bluetooth channel.

Since 2002 according to the international technical assistance programs SPECTRA products have been supplied to the Border Guard Service of Ukraine, Internal Troops of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, the Ministry of Emergencies of Ukraine, the Border Services of Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan.


Purpose of Use

  • Measurement of gamma and X-ray radiation ambient dose equivalent rate (photon-ionizing radiation DER).

  • Determination of neutron radiation intensity.

  • Identification of radionuclide type.

  • Accumulation, storage of amplitude gamma spectra in the nonvolatile memory and their identification.


  • High sensitivity gamma scintillation (CsI) detector, Geiger-Muller counter, scintillation (LiI) detector of neutron radiation.

  • Indication and automatic testing mode of power supply status.

  • Data communication between the detecting device (DD), the control and indication device (CID) and the PC is done via Bluetooth wireless technology.

  • Storage and transfer of 128 complete gamma radiation spectra.

  • Identification of radionuclides and their category(ies) (in compliance with IAEA requirements):

    – medical radionuclides: 18F, 67Ga, 99mTc, 111In, 123I, 131I, 201Tl;

    – industrial radionuclides: 57Co, 60Co, 133Ba, 137Cs, 192Ir, 152Eu and 241Am;

    – special nuclear materials: 233U, 235U, Pu [Reactor grade plutonium (more than 6% 240Pu)];

    – naturally occurring radioactive materials: 40K, 226Ra, 232Th-decay series, 238U-decay series.

    Note. List of nuclides that the device can identify may be extended if needed.

  • Threshold alarm system with three independent threshold levels:

    – search threshold level (threshold level of photon-ionizing count rate from the detector);

    – safety threshold level (threshold level of photon-ionizing radiation DER);

    – threshold level of neutron count rate from the detector.


Gamma radiation sensitivity for 137Cs, not less than cps/(µSv/h) 100
Neutron radiation sensitivity for:- fast neutrons, not less than- thermal neutrons, not less than pulse×cm2/n 0.120±0.012
Measurement range of photon-ionizing radiation DER µSv/h 0.01 … 9999
Indication range of photon-ionizing radiation count rate cps 1 … 9999
Indication range of neutron radiation count rate cps 0.01 … 9999
Main relative permissible error limit of photon-ionizing radiation DER measurement in the range of 0.01 – 9999 µSv/h (137Cs) % ±(15+1/H*(10)), where H*(10) is a numeric value of measured DER equivalent to µSv/h
Energy range of registered photon-ionizing radiation MeV 0.033 … 3.000
Energy dependence of the device readings during photon-ionizing radiation DER measurement in the energy range from 0.05 to 3.00 MeV relative to 0.662 MeV energy (137Cs) % ±25
Energy range of registered neutron radiation MeV from thermal neutrons to 14.00
Number of amplitude gamma spectrum channels channel 1024
Setup time of operating mode of the device, not more than min 1
Calibration time relative to gamma background s 2 … 60
Time of continuous operation with fully charged storage batteries at gamma background (not more than 0.5 μSv/h) with switched off display backlight and under non-alarm conditions, not less than hours 30
Operating temperature range °С -20 … +50
Dimensions of the detecting device (DD), not more than mm 110х36х83
Weight of the DD, not more than kg 0.4
Dimensions of the control and indication device (CID) without a strap, not more than mm 70х80х32
Weight of the CID, not more than kg 0.13
Weight of the device kit in packaging, not more than kg 1.5

Delivery Kit

  • control and indication device;
  • detecting device;
  • AA NiMH storage battery;
  • AAA NiMH storage batteries (2 pcs.);
  • battery charger;
  • leather case;
  • screwdriver;
  • operating manual;
  • packing case.
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