MODEL NO: 25-1025

SKU: EA-24-1422




Solution Basins, PS, Sterile, 25ml Capacity, White, Individually Wrapped, 1 Piece/Bag, 100 Bags/Case

● Made of PVC, polystyrene (PS), or strong polypropylene (PP)

● PVC basins have transparent walls to permit easy viewing of contents

● Polypropylene basins are chemically resistant to alcohols and mild organic solvents

● PS one-channel basins are available in three sizes: 25ml, 55ml, and 100ml; 25ml and 55ml basins have a V-shaped bottom design

● PVC one-channel basins have a capacity of 55ml and a V-shaped bottom design

● PP 12-channel basins are double sided: the 12-channel side has a capacity of 5ml per channel; the other side (single-channel)

has a capacity of 50ml

● PP 12-channel basins are available in assorted colors: clear, blue, green, pink, and yellow

● PS basins are individually packaged (sterile); PVC and PP basins are bulk packaged (non-sterile)

Ordering Information
Cat # Volume Material Color Sterile Package Unit Total
25-1025 25ml PS White Yes Individually Wrapped 1 /Bag, 100 Bags/Case 100 /Case
25-1202 50ml PP Assorted


No Bulk 25 /Bag, 4 Bags/Case 100 /Case
25-0052 55ml PVC Clear No Bulk 100 /Bag, 8 Bags/Case 800 /Case
25-0051 55ml PS White Yes Individually Wrapped 1 /Bag, 100 Bags/Case 100 /Case
25-1100 100ml PS White Yes Individually Wrapped 1 /Bag, 50 Bags/Case 50 /Case
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