Stand for Nessleriser Unit



PART NO: 172180

Stand for Nessleriser Unit

SKU: EA-22-205


Stand for Nessleriser Unit


The Comparator 2000+ is a versatile colorimetric system for water analysis. Comparator 2000+ is a quality instrument for the visual determination of the colour intensity in test samples using the Lovibond® colour discs. The integrated cuvette attachment allows cuvettes to be accommodated up to a layer depth of 40mm. The Lovibond® Nessleriser system offers greater layer depths through the use of the Nessler additive and the corresponding Nessler tubes. This allows the determination of concentrations that are below the detection limit of the Lovibond® Comparator 2000+. The Lovibond® Comparator integrated prism brings the glass standards of the colored discs and the colored sample optically into one field of view. The prism is hermetically sealed to prevent contamination of the optics. Both the Comparator 2000+ and the Nessleriser are designed so that the compensation of cloudy or colored water samples is taken into account. Each device is available as a daylight version or in combination with the daylight lamp 2000.

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