ThermalSeal RTS Sealing Films

ThermalSeal RTS Sealing Films



MODEL NO: 61-0250

SKU: EA-213-53


ThermalSeal RTS Sealing Films

ThermalSeal RTS Sealing Films

ThermalSeal RTS sealing films are based on 50 µm polyolefin films with 50 µm inert encapsulated silicone adhesive.


● 50 µm polyolefin films

● 50 µm inert encapsulated silicone adhesive

● Dimensions 78.6 by 139.7 mm

● Length 113.0 mm

● Recommended for temperatures from-70 °C to +100 °C

● Used for qPCR, storage & crystallization

● High optical clarity

● Minimal to no autofluorescence

● Chemically inert; no extractables except at extreme pH

● DMSO resistant for HTS

● Heat resistant, recommended for temperatures from

● Certified DNase-, RNase-, and nucleic-acid-free

● Fit within raised plate rim to prevent loss of seal due to film lifting

● Silicone adhesive forms the strongest available seal for evaporation prevention

● Non-tacky adhesive layer simplifies handling of film prior to sealing

Ordering Information
Cat # Description Quantity
61-0210 ThermalSeal RTS Sealing Films, Non-Sterile 100
61-0250 ThermalSeal RTS Sealing Films, Sterile 50
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