Water Bath Shaker


Water Bath Shaker



Manufacturer: SH Scientific

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Water Bath Shaker

sh scientific water bath shakers

SY-2230 reciprocal water bath shaker is a microprocessor-controlled unit with digital LED display. Its adjustable speed range of 20-200 rpm permits gentle as well as vigorous agitation and

aeration. The stainless steel construction, maintenance free brushless motor, PTC heating units and other features guarantee its continuous, heavy duty operation.

The product is built with low water level and over heating protection as well as alarm features so that samples are protected if the temperature exceeds the maximum limit.

SY-2230 (Ambient)+5℃~99℃,20~200rpm,27L,1400W,30kg


Water Bath Shaker Specifications:

Model SY-2230
Temp. Range (Ambient)+5℃~99℃
Temp. Fluctuation ±0.3℃
Speed 20~200rpm
Timer 0~99.9h
Water Tank Capacity 27L
Drainage Yes
Tank Internal Dimensions
528x308x226mm / 20.79×12.13×8.90″
Dimension External
750x380x326mm / 29.53×14.96×12.83″
Max.Power Consumption 1400W
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight 30kg
Orbit Diameter 25.4mm / 1″
Overheating Protection Yes
Water Level Protection Yes
Audial and Visual Alarm Yes

 – Standard Accessory

One Platform for Flask Clamp and Flask Clamps 250mlx6


Water Bath Shaker Accessories


Name Part Number Maximum Capacity Picture Note
Clear-view Water Bath Cover SY-2230-01 1 Transparent Area: 474x120mm
Tubes Rack A SY-2230-02A 3 Φ22mm
Tubes Rack B SY-2230-02B 3 Φ18mm
Tubes Rack C SY-2230-02C 3 Φ16mm
Platform for Tubes Rack SY-2230-02D 1 N/A
Tubes Rack E SY-2230-02E 3 Φ30mm
Universal Spring Platform WBA30 1 370x240x180mm
100ml Flask Clamp IS-A2 15


150ml Flask Clamp IS-A3 15
250ml Flask Clamp IS-A5 10
500ml Flask Clamp IS-A6 6
1000ml Flask Clamp IS-A7 4
Platform for Flask Clamp SY-2230-03F 1



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