Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale 30Kg

Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale 30Kg


WPT Waterproof Scale

Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale is designed to operate in humid conditions and direct contact with water.

Maximum capacity [Max]: 30 kg

Readability [d]:  10 g

Manufacturer: Radwag



APPLICATION FOR WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale:
Waterproof platform scales is designed to operate in humid conditions and direct contact with water.
The WPT/H series features LCD display and stainless steel weighing platform. All the elements of scales construction are made of stainless steel OH18N9.
The indicator PUE C/31H series is installed on a pillar. Optionally, the head is installed on a cable for hanging it on a wall.
Scales WPT/H series is powered from mains, RS 232 slot comes as standard. On client request, the waterproof platform scales can be manufactured with upgraded antirust coating.
Scales WPT/H series is available in dual range version on surcharge.

Functions of Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale

Plus/Minus Control
Percent Weighing
Parts counting
Internal Battery
Peak Hold
Animal Weighing

Accessories  for Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale

1. F1 Mass Standard – knob weights without adjustment chamber, set:

Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale F1 Mass Standard – knob weights without adjustment chamber – set (1 mg – 50 g), plastic box.

3. Audit Trail Reader

Radwag Multifunctional Scale Audit Trail Reader

The Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale Audit Trail Reader is a freeware RADWAG software supporting Audit Trail function available for 3Y, 4Y, HY10, WLY, WPY series weighing instruments. The function registers operator’s activity from the moment of logging in. The Audit Trail Reader easily and quickly connects with the weighing instrument and enables export of files to pdf, xls, csv, html formats.

4. E2R System
5. Label Editor R02

Radwag multifunctional Scale R02 Label Editor

Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale R02 Label Editor is a proprietary RADWAG software for creating labels for scales based on PUE C32, PUE C41H, PUE 5.15, PUE 5.19, PUE 7.1, PUE HX5.EX and HY10 terminals. The latest software version: 18.3.2

6. Scales Editor 2.0R.BarcodeR-LAB
8. RADWAG Connect
9. RADWAG Development Studio
10. RADWAG Remote Desktop
11. LabVIEW Driver
12. Receipt Printer
13. Label Printers

Radwag WPT 15/H3/5 Waterproof Scale EPSON TM-T20III printer is easy to configure and operate. It can be integrated with most operating systems. The printer is a perfect combination of high quality and reliability at a reasonable price. Easy-to-use device with a printing width of 80 mm is a basic model in the EPSON receipt printers offer.

The printer guarantees print speed of 250 mm per second, so that printouts are made fast and without delay. The automatic paper reduction function (reducing upper and lower margins, line width and barcode height) controls the amount of paper used.

14. Moxa UPort 1110 Converter
15. IN/OUT Cables
16. RS 232 cables (terminal – terminal)
17. RS 232 cables (scale – ZEBRA printer)
18. RS 232 cables (scale – Ethernet)

SPECIFICATION FOR WPT 150/H4/K Waterproof Scale

Physical parameters
Communication interface
Electrical parameters
Environmental conditions
Maximum capacity [Max] 30kg
Minimum load 200g
Readability [d] 10g
Tare range -30kg
Max readability for non-verified scale 1g
Display LCD (backlit)
Weighing pan dimensions 500×500 mm
Packaging dimensions 840×600×400mm
Net weight 15.5kg
Gross weight 17.3 kg
Protection class IP 67 construction, IP 68 (1h max)/69 indicator
Communication interface RS232
Power supply 100 — 240 V AC 50 / 60 Hz and battery
Operation time on batteries 45 h (average time)
Operating temperature -10 — +40°C
Relative humidity 10% — 85% RH no condensation


Additional information

Weight 25.8 kg

WPT 15/H3/5, WPT 15/H3/5/K

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