AgraStrip® eCry3.1Ab – SeedChek

AgraStrip® eCry3.1Ab – SeedChek


Manufacturer: Romer Labs

Cat No: 10001477

SKU: EA-153-572


AgraStrip® eCry3.1Ab – SeedChek

Description & Properties

The AgraStrip® eCry3.1Ab Strip Test is a ready-to-use lateral flow device (LFD) for on-site testing that detects the eCry3.1Ab protein in corn leaf and seed and in bulk corn seed.

Limit of detection 0.25 % in corn
GMO Protein eCry3.1Ab
Technology/Application LFD
Result type Qualitative
Product/Environment Product Testing
Trait eCry3.1Ab
Number of tests 50

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