Automatic Polarimeter DigiPol-P930

Automatic Polarimeter DigiPol-P930



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Automatic Polarimeter DigiPol-P930

Digipol-P930 Laboratory Polarimeter is an instrument for measuring the optical rotation of substances. Through the determination of optical rotation, the specific rotation, international sugar content, concentration and purity of substances can be analyzed and determined. It is widely used in medicine, petroleum, food, chemical, flavor, fragrance, sugar and other industries and related universities and research institutes. Boasts accurate and reliable measurement, convenient operation and so on.

Laboratory Polarimeter Introduction


1: Built-in Peltier temperature control to improve accuracy and stability;

2: There are optical rotation/specific rotation/concentration/sugar degree and custom mode;

3: LED cold light source replaces traditional sodium lamp and halogen tungsten lamp;

4: Support network printing and data statistical retrieval;

5: Multi-level authority management, authority can be configured freely;

6: 10-inch touch color screen, humanized operation interface;

7: Comply with 21CFR requirements (electronic signature, data traceability, audit trail, data anti-tampering and other functions);

8: Fully comply with GLP GMP certification specifications.

Laboratory Polarimeter Feature

1: Built-in Parpaste temperature control, improve accuracy and stability;

2: there are rotation/specific curl/concentration/sugar degree and custom mode;

3: LED cold light source instead of the traditional sodium light lamp and halogen tungsten lamp;

4: Compliance with 21CFR Part 1 audit trail, pharmacopoeia and electronic signature;

5: Support network printing, support data statistical retrieval;

6: Multi-level authority management, authority can be freely configured;

7:10 inch touch color screen, user-friendly operation interface;

8: The system comes with automatic calibration system.

9: Comply with GLP GMP certification

Fields of use

1. Laboratory Polarimeter is widely used in medicine, food, organic chemical industry and other fields.

2. Agriculture: analysis of ingredients such as agricultural antibiotics, agricultural hormones, microbial pesticides and starch content of agricultural products.

3. Medicine: analysis of antibiotics, vitamins, glucose and other drugs, pharmacological study of Chinese herbal medicine.

4. Food: sugar, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce and other production process control and finished product inspection, food sugar content determination.

5. Petroleum: analysis of mineral oil, monitoring of petroleum fermentation process.

6. Fragrance: analysis of essential oils.

7. Health services: analysis of clinical diabetes in hospitals.

Product Details

Ultra long life light source

Less time ready for use, save your cost and time.

Automatic temperature control system

Adopts temperature control system, make sure the whole testing with accuracy and constant temperature.

Automatic Calibration

Built in automatic calibration system, it provides much higher accuracy result, much easier for calibration.


Model Digipol-P930
Measurement mode Rotation, specific curl, concentration, sugar content and custom formula
light source LED cold light source + high precision interference filter
Working wavelength 589.3nm
Test function Single, multiple and continuous measurement
Measuring range Optical rotation ± 90 °


Sugar ± 259 ° for Z

Minimum reading 0.0001°
Accuracy ± 0.002 °
Repeatability (Standard deviation s)

0.002° (Optical rotation)

Temperature control range 10℃-60℃(Peltier )
Temperature resolution 0.01℃
Temperature control accuracy ±0.03℃
Display method 10.4-inch TFT true color touch screen
Standard test tube 200mm,100mm ordinary type,100mm temperature control type (optional Hastelloy alloy temperature control tube of various lengths)
Transmittance 0.01%
data storage 128G
Automatic calibration YES(standard with 6pcs standard pipe)
Audit trail YES
Electronic signature YES
Multi-function search YES
Print General-purpose printer, WiFi printing (Standard with a HP printer)
Method library YES
cloud service YES
MD5 code verification YES
Custom formula YES
User Management YES / Four-level authority management
Export in multiple file formats PDF & Excel
Communication Interface USB, RS232, VGA, Ethernet
Instrument level 0.01 level
Other options Each capacity 50mm and 200mm long temperature control tube, mouse, keyboard connection, general purpose printer/wireless network printer
Power supply 220V ±22V, 50Hz ± 1Hz, 250W
Weight 28kg
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