Micro Melting Piont Instrument -JHX-5Plus

Micro Melting Piont Instrument -JHX-5Plus



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Micro Melting Piont Instrument -JHX-5Plus

The JHX-5 PLUS Micro Melting Point Instrument combines high-precision temperature control technology and high-definition optical lens magnification technology, not only to provide users with accurate, stable and reliable test results, but also to provide users with efficient and convenient test experience. The optical lens magnification technology can easily and clearly see the whole process of sample melting.

Micro Melting Point Instrument Introduction

Salient features:

1: Process 3 samples at a time;

2: The video clearly shows the melting process of the sample;

3: The heating rate (0.1-10) °C/min can be set arbitrarily;

4: The fan automatically cools down;

5: Dual-purpose capillary hot stage method.

Fields of use

The JHX-5 Plus Micro Melting Point Instrument has an important position in the chemical industry and medical research. It is an instrument for the production of food, drugs, spices, dyes and other organic crystal substances.

Product Qualification

The Micro Melting Point Instrument has its own heating system, which can ensure a stable heating rate. The platinum temperature sensor has the advantages of fast response and high accuracy compared with the traditional method of using mercury thermometer.


Model: JHX-5 Plus
Product name: Micro Melting Point Instrument
Temperature range: room temperature -400℃
Resolution: 0.1℃
Heating rate: 0.1℃-10℃ (100 grades steplessly adjustable)
Temperature control method: PID precise temperature control, fully enclosed design of the furnace body
Cooling method: fan cooling
Accuracy: ±0.4℃ (<250℃)
±0.7°C (>250°C)
Repeatability: Melting point repeatability at 0.1℃/Min ±0.3℃
Cooling method: fan cooling
Display mode: TFT high-definition true color screen
Data interface: RS232
Capillary tube: outer diameter φ1.6mm, inner diameter: φ1.2mm
Voltage: 100V-240V 50HZ-60HZ
Work rate: 100W
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