Mini Water Bath




SKU: EA-2319-248


Mini Water Bath

This mini Water Bath is a high-precision, intelligent temperature instrument which is widely used in colleges and universities, medical, chemical, pharmaceutical and other scientific research.

Coupled with sophisticated micro-computer temperature control system, this instrument provides high precision and accurate temperature control.

Automatic overheating device is also available to prevent dry burning and over heating.


– Designed with a small footprint

– Microprocessor-controlled

– Overheating alarm

– Various types of tube holders are available to meet the needs of every customer

Temp. Range Ambient +5°C~95°C
Temp Uniformity ±0.3℃ (@37°C)
Max.Capacity 240ml
Programming N/A
Display LED
 Timer N/A
Max.Power 90W
Ambient Temperature 5~40°C
Protection Level IP21
Dimension External (W×D×H) 262x143x96mm / 10.31×5.63×3.78”
Power Supply 220V, 60Hz
Weight 1.2 kg
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