Tube Rotator



CAT NO: TR-03|TR-04U|TR-05U



Tube Rotator

The tube rotator is an ideal instrument for numerous applications where high efficiency and consistent mixing are needed. A common place for this instrument is clinical, research and teaching laboratories.

This instrument is available in an economical fixed speed model and a variable speed model with timer.

– Circular rotating action, gives gentle but effective mixing

– Designed with a small footprint

– Temperature range 5~40°C suitable for refrigetator and Incubator

– Various types of tube holders are available to meet the needs of every customer

– Cold room and incubator compatible

Additional information

Tube Rotator

20rpm fix , rotation disk diameter 250mm , 50ml*12ea, 2 ~ 80 rpm , rotation disk diameter 250mm , 50ml * 12ea, 5 ~ 80 rpm , rotation disk diameter 290mm , 50ml * 15ea


Product Name Standard Tube Rotator
Speed Range 20rpm-5~80rpm
Speed Accuracy N/A
Tilt Angle 90°~180°-95°~180° Six steps :
95°,112°, 129°, 146°, 163°, 180°
Timer Range N/A
Carousel Diameter φ250mm
Carousel Capacity 12x50ml/18x15ml/48x2ml/9x50ml & 9x15ml & 12x2ml-50×9~11mm Tube (1.5/2ml)、 30×14~18mm Tube (15ml) 15×27~34mm Tube (50ml) 、

10×10~15ml、20×5~7ml Tube 64×18.5mm Drum Carousel、 64x14mm Drum Carousel

Display N/A
 Ambient Temperature  5℃~40℃
Relative Humidity  ≤80%
 Power Supply AC220V, 50Hz
 Max. Power 8W-11W
 Dimension External (W×D×H)  334x215x405mm / 13.15×8.46×15.94”-440x296x466mm / 17.32×11.65×18.35”
 Net Weight  3.5kg-8.1kg
 Protection Level IP21


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