Turbidity Meter JH-Z100

Turbidity Meter JH-Z100




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Turbidity Meter JH-Z100

Digital Turbidity Meter  is used to measure the scattering of light generated by insoluble particulate matter suspended in water or transparent liquid and to measure the content of these suspended particulate matter.


1. Digital Turbidity Meter  Introduction

Innovation points to improve efficiency:

1: One-key automatic measurement, automatic range switching;

2: Color touch screen, convenient operation;

3: Support multi-point calibration;

4: Data can be printed directly through the printer;

5: Comply with GLP specification and ISO7027 industry standard.

Digital Turbidity Meter Feature And Application

1: One-button automatic measurement, range automatic switch;

2: Color touch screen, easy to operate;

3: support multi-point correction;

4: Can print data directly through the printer;

5: In line with GLP specification and ISO7027 industry standard.

Fields of use Digital Turbidity Meter

Digital Turbidity Meter  is used in water plant, food, chemical, power plant, metallurgy, environmental protection, beverage, wine, pharmaceutical industry and other departments, is a common laboratory instrument.

Model JH-Z100
Measuring range 0.000-100NTU
Resolution 0.001
Repeatability ≤0.3%
Zero drift ≤±0.3%FS
Stability ≤±0.3%FS
Stray light <0.02NTU
light source Infrared LED
Detector Silicon photoreceiver
Data storage 100 set
Display method 4.3 inch FTF color touch screen
Communication output RS232 printer
Size 250*177*96mm
Weight 1.5kg
Power supply 100V-230V

50Hz / 60 Hz

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