Chlorine dioxide is an extremely effective water disinfectant against all types of pathogens, it also destroys biofilms, thus eliminating the food source of microorganisms and thus preventing their formation. Furthermore, its disinfectant capacity is independent of the pH level of the water.

It is used in water purification and purification processes, in the disinfection of water in sanitary systems and water for industrial, food and process use. The main disadvantage of chlorine dioxide is its instability; it is in fact a very reactive gas, which must be produced on site.

The CDG generator has been designed to produce chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution and store it in a storage tank, for subsequent regulated dosing. A PLC equipped with a touch-screen display manages the entire system; allows simple and intuitive interaction of all system configuration, start-up and blocking operations, choice of operating mode and error management.

Furthermore, the system includes various safety controls, such as level sensors, flow controls and chlorine dioxide gas sensor in air.


  • New line of CDG generators for the “in situ” production of chlorine dioxide in aqueous solution, via the chlorite acidification process
  • PLC unit for managing the entire system, with 7″ touch-screen display, multi-language, with new graphics
  • User interface with new functions, access system with different authorization levels and Service menu
  • Four configurable NO/NC relays for alarms (general, gas, alert, maintenance)
  • New NOVA series metering pumps with PVDF hydraulics and PTFE diaphragm, controlled by PLC
  • Proportional dosing up to max. two injection points, with 3 or 5 l/h pumps (to be specified when ordering)
  • External tank for water intake in heat-sealed polypropylene sheet, with two slots for 25 L reagent tanks and water compartment complete with minimum level and overflow sensors
  • Optional measurement system, for readings in hot or cold water
  • Input for gas sensor included in the price; sensor to be ordered separately
  • Manual pump priming function, for maintenance and calibration
  • Safety controls: tank level sensors, flow sensors, ClO 2 gas in air detector
  • Control and management of the PLC from a remote location via the internet
  • Power supply: 230 V~ 50/60 Hz (115 V~ on request)
  • Wall installation or on a painted metal frame, equipped with wheels and support base for water/reagent tank
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